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  • Rules of Conduct: Game

    The following rules govern basic interaction on RegnumPT. Please be aware that failure to comply with these rules may lead to punishment by banning your account from the game. Below are listed all the game rules, that can be modified without notice.

    1. Respect - Respect other users

    You must respect others as well as their rights to play and enjoy the game. For this to happen, you must not disturb, defraud, humiliate, threaten, or cause any type of stress and/or unwanted attention to other players. All players must be as polite as possible - immaturity and childish behavior can lead to punishment.

    2. Offenses - Don't make hateful comments

    You must not use any kind of offensive, threatening, hateful or racist language to personally attack other users. You can provoke your opponents if it causes healthy competition. Any type of bad language that is considered unacceptable by Staff will be punished.

    3. Impersonating Staff - Don't pretend to be a Staff Member

    Never impersonate any member of the Staff or pretend to be a member of it to take advantage of other people. Breaking this rule can lead to a permanent ban.

    4. Trade Chat - Don't spam the Trade Chat

    When using Trade or Global Chat, avoid using it for spamming or for unnecessary conversations. This can lead to punishment if done repeatedly and seen by a staff member in the game.

    5. Cheating - Do not use anything illegal to gain advantages

    You must not use any unauthorized programs that directly or indirectly influence the server's way of playing. Thus, you cannot use any type of cheat program and so on.

    You must also not modify any part of the RegnumPT client to gain advantages.

    6. Bug abuse - Don't abuse bugs to gain advantages

    You must not abuse any type of game bug to gain unfair advantages. However, if you accidentally abuse a bug you must report it immediately on our forum or discord.

    7. Scamming - Do not use 'scams' towards other players

    You must not abuse other players with false promises to steal your items, account information (like ID and password) or anything like that. Breaking this rule can result in your complete exclusion from the game.

    8. Kill Stealing (KS) - Don't give KS to other players

    Giving KS is an offense and can lead to punishment (this rule does not apply to bosses or event monsters). It is the users' responsibility to prove that spawn is theirs or not, and we assume that it is nobody's until proven otherwise. If a user(s) cannot prove that the spawn was empty before the arrival of the other players, their claim in the case will be denied.

    If both the accusing and the defending parties cannot prove anything, the entire case will be denied. If a player does not respond for 5 minutes or more (AFK), then he is out of place and the spawn will be free for anyone to take possession of him. Proving this is the total responsibility of the user, and intervals of less than 5 minutes without answers will not be considered and in this situation, they can be reported for giving KS, thus being punished.

    If a user appears to be present through a response or action after 5 minutes, he is considered the KS and may be punished.

    9. Exchanges involving real money - Do not sell, buy or exchange anything from RegnumPT for real money

    It is strictly forbidden to sell something from the game or related to RegnumPT for real money or exchange for content from other PristonTale servers or any other game server.

    You can only sell content from RegnumPT for gold or coins from the game or exchange for other content from the server itself (items, accounts, so on). Exchanging RegnumPT content (such as accounts or items) for content outside RegnumPT is strictly prohibited and may lead to punishment.

    Advertising to commit the act of buying or selling game content for real money or outside of the donation system will lead to punishment.

    10. Advertise - Do not promote or advertise in-game

    Do not disclose your mobile number, address, or websites for other games.

    11. Share of Main Password – Does not share your main password.

    Users should not share their main account passwords, as they can give full access to it (access to the user panel and all account in-game functionalities). Instead, they should use the Share Password System to give someone temporary access to his account.

    Sharing of account password in RegnumPT without using the Share Password System (https://regnumpristontale.com/guide/sharepassword/) is not allowed and if the user has a loss of items, gold/coins or account it will not be supported/recovered.


    Note: All support cases, including Report User, Recovering, Technical should follow the correct guidelines of their forums. Reports/Cases that do not follow the guidelines can be deleted without further notice.

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