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  • Rules of Conduct: Forums and Discord


    The following rules must be followed by all users (Regnum’s Community) of forum and discord, without exceptions, and these must be applied by Members of Staff or Moderators.

    1. Respect – Respect other users

    Respect other users so that you can earn their respect. You must respect everyone’s opinion, even if you don’t agree with them. You have the right to express your opinion and show others why they may be wrong, but don’t insult other users while doing this. Their views can be peacefully discussed. Any kind of disrespect will not be tolerated.

    2. Criticism – Criticize constructively

    If you want to criticize someone’s suggestion or work, or even the server himself, you should do it constructively. Criticizing is allowed, but it must be constructive criticism. Destructive criticism is useless and frowned upon. As well as it will not be tolerated if it is done repeatedly or intentionally to disrupt the experience of other people here.

    3. Offenses – Don’t make offensive comments

    Views or opinions that are generally considered offensive, racist, sexist or hateful will be subject to moderation and punishment. Staff and Moderators are trying to provide a somewhat free environment where they can share their opinions, but if their opinions or the way they are expressed are offensive to others, in general, action will be taken against the aggressor. Make use of common sense.

    4. Judging Staff – Don’t judge the actions of Staff members in public

    Do not make public topics, posts, messages or polls to judge the actions of a Staff member. If you feel that something is wrong, then feel free to send a personal message (PM) explaining the issue to the Staff Member, Moderators or one of the other Administrators and we will take care of that. We reserve the right to block or exclude any topic/post/message of this nature without an explanation.

    5. Inappropriate Material – Don’t post pornography

    Material considered inappropriate by Staff is subject to moderation and the user may be punished if it was intentional. This material includes images, links, videos, etc.

    6. Illegal Material – Don’t post illegal software

    Any theme that contains exploits or makes use of illegal material is considered illegal here as well. Ordering or publishing illegal software is strictly prohibited.

    7. Understanding – Make use of English

    Use only English in all areas and channels except for the specific language areas. Foreign-language topics, messages, and posts can be deleted without notice.

    8. Spamming – Don’t post completely useless messages

    Spamming (posting useless messages throughout the forum or discord) is strictly prohibited in all areas except in the areas designated for spamming (Battle Arena, Spam Chat, etc.).

    9. Advertising – Don’t promote or advertise

    Any type of advertising not related to RegnumPT is prohibited. Any kind of content that breaks this rule will be moderated and the user punished.

    10. Counterfeiting – Don’t try to falsify or hide information from the Staff

    You should not attempt to deceive Staff with false information or withhold information that is important for your benefit. Breaking this rule can result in punishment.

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