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  1. Hi all. From Thursday 09/19 to Sunday 09/22, the Battle Royale Event will be extended to one more round on every time of the event. Stay tuned about the time between the rounds. Enjoy rPT! 😎
  2. Regnum

    Patch 2437

    Patch 2437: Lava Horde event ended! 😥 On Saturday: Aging Free event. 🤩 On Sunday: Reduce aging fail event. 🤩 Now Creed skill can be used on party users. 🤗 Now Force of Nature skill can recast. 😃 Login window changed. Changed Magnetic Discharge effect. Fixed bug where debuffs (such as Roar) aren't working on Battle Royale. Fixed bug where Triumph of Valhalla can crash the game when used on targets. Fixed bug where few users are disconnected while playing with Mechanician. Enjoy rPT! 😎
  3. Hi all, We need someone for a job on a 3D PT Map. It's not a big work but we need something different. If you love PT and have skills to do something like that, please PM me here or discord. Preference for who worked with 3DS Max software. Thank you. 😃
  4. Regnum

    Patch 2434

    Patch 2435: HP Formula Changes: Knight: (level * 2.3) + (health * 1.6) + (strength * 0.5) + (spirit * 0.2) + (talent * 0.5) + (agility * 0.2) Mechanician: (level * 2.3) + (health * 1.7) + (strength * 0.5) + (spirit * 0.2) + (talent * 0.4) + (agility * 0.2) Fighter: (level * 2.4) + (health * 1.9) + (strength * 0.6) + (spirit * 0.1) + (talent * 0.2) + (agility * 0.2) Shaman: (level * 1.6) + (health * 1.8) + (strength * 0.1) + (spirit * 0.3) + (talent * 0.2) + (agility * 0.1) Increased Avalanche Attack Speed to 6 at Lv.10. Increased Grand Cross Damage Boost to 115% at Lv.10. Increased Grand Cross Attack Rating to 80% at Lv.10. Increased Brandish Damage Boost to 95% at Lv.10. Increased Brandish Area to 150 at Lv.10. Increased Phantom Call Damage Boost to 100% at Lv.10.
  5. Regnum

    Patch 2434

    Patch 2434: New Horde: Lava Horde event. New Horde Beginner Quest: The Lava Invasion. (Only during the Horde) New Horde Quest: Flamo the Dominator. (Only during the Horde) Anti-hack improvements. Some effects have been refactored to the new update coming!. Some 3D Engine codes have been refactored to the new update coming!. Fixed bug where the leader is counting on party if it's out of the range. Enjoy rPT! 😃
  6. Regnum

    Patch 2431

    Patch 2431: New Map: Ancient Dungeon 3 (120). ? New Map: Forgotten Temple 1 (130). ? Ancient Dungeon 2 level changed to 115. Swap changes: Swap for items lv.118 released!. Swap prices has been changed. Broyale Rules added to the Battle Royale window!. ? Now Broyale winner will receive 20bil EXP (20,000,000,000) with prizes. ? Broyale and The Grand Fury prizes changes. New Daily Quests: The Ancient Evil Magician (Mokovian Quest). The Mine Commander (Tulla Quest). New Solo and Party Quests for Ice Mine 1F (at Ice Mine 1F entrance). Death Island and Endless Tower 3F Quests party EXP increased. New Quest RSP Points: Hunting The Iron Guardian (107). Quest monsters count decreased: Endless Tower 1F. Endless Tower 2F. Endless Tower 3F. Death Island. Daily Quests (Area Quests) EXP and monsters changed. Items Lv.102 added to the new Blacksmith Ozi at Battle Town. ? Surprise! ? Agloolik, The Ice Messenger will keep at Ricarten Town one more week! ?. Diastrophism damage and skill description changed. Wizard Trance skill requirement changed to Orbs. Flame Wave damage and cooldown changed. Fixed bug where monster timers such as pets were incorrect. Fixed bug where Bless Castle NPCs keep hidden after Siege War. Preparations for new Broyale. ? Preparations for new quests. MANUAL UPDATE: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2431.zip Enjoy rPT! ?
  7. Regnum

    Patch 2430

    Patch 2430: New Level Cap 140!. New Map Ice Mine 1F (132) released!. New Items Lv.122 released!. New Tulla Amulet Craft. Devil Shy Ring Craft. New Battle Royale Mode: Fast Royale! (Coming next patch!) Monday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM. Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM. Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM. In this mode, you need to equip on Drop time (5 minutes), after that you will be teleported randomly on the map to fight each other. Now if you die on Battle Royale, your items will be dropped and available to everyone. New log system on Battle Royale (Server-side). Pay a visit to Agloolik, The Ice Messenger at Ricarten Town! he has some items for you! ? New Soul Crystal: you can trap a monster by killing him in the lasts 30 seconds after summoning a Soul Crystal, and you will receive another Soul Crystal with that trapped monster. It doesn't work on Bosses. It doesn't work on Event Monsters. It doesn't work on Arenas. New Health Stats Battle Royale handicap limited to 150 (above it will not count on your stats while inside the Broyale!). New Set Effect Boss #2: Shy Ring, Fury Sheltom and Tulla Amulet. New Mixes: Bellum Defense Mix. Bellum Block Mix. Bellum Velocity Mix. Bellum Power Mix. Bellum Critical Mix. Bellum Rating Mix. Bellum Vitality Mix. Yurina NPC level limit changed to 120. Now Yurina NPC gives: EXP Potion 3h. Vampire Teeth 3h. MP Down 3h. STM Down 3h. Sheep Hat 3h. HP Booster 3h. MP Booster 3h. STM Booster 3h. Fixed bug where T5 Skills isn't ending when in cities. Changes on Endless Tower 1F and Endless Tower 2F. Enjoy rPT! ?
  8. Regnum

    Patch 2427

    Patch 2427: New Ice Horde Event. New Daily Quest Horde Event. New Tier 5 Mechanician Skill: Magnetic Discharge. New Login Screen. Anti-hack improvements. Now when you level up, players on party will receive a chat notification. Preparation for a new update. HP Formulas changed: Fighter: (Level * 2.2) + (Health * 1.9) + (Strength * 0.6) + (Spirit * 0.1) + (Talent * 0.2) + (Agility * 0.1). Mechanician: (Level * 2.0) + (Health * 1.7) + (Strength * 0.5) + (Spirit * 0.1) + (Talent * 0.1) + (Agility * 0.2). Knight: (Level * 2.0) + (Health * 1.6) + (Strength * 0.4) + (Spirit * 0.2) + (Talent * 0.4) + (Agility * 0.1). Resurrection Skill cooldown reduced. Enjoy rPT! ?
  9. The planned maintenance date has changed.
  10. Hi =), Planned Maintenance, 06/08 - Tuesday - 05:00 PM (17:00) Server time. Duration: ~8 hours. Enjoy rPT! ?
  11. Regnum

    Patch 2426

    Patch 2426: Wanted Moriph Event. Crazy Moriph Event: Saturday: Aging Free. Sunday: Reduce Aging Fail Chance (-5%). Added Ghost Castle Event Pass: Online Reward. Vote Points. Horde Event is ended!. SoD level requirement changed to 100. Anti-hack improvements. Items log improvements. Few bug fixes on Battle Royale. Preparations for Mechanician T5 Skill coming in the next patch. Enjoy rPT!
  12. Regnum

    Patch 2425

    Patch 2425: New Battle Royale Update (Beta): Added new Achievements to the Tempskrons. Added new Achievements to the Morions. New Horde Event: Plant. New Daily Quest: Invasion of the Plants. New hidden score for each player. (Beta) (see below) New event: Reduce Age Fail Tax. (Soon) New Ghost Castle Ticket event pass, where you can enter one more time at the event every day. New Ghost Castle EXP Reward when finish: 1st place: 10,000,000,000 EXP. 2nd place: 9,000,000,000 EXP. 3rd place: 8,000,000,000 EXP. EXP Changes on Bosses at: Mystery Desert 1. Mystery Desert 2. Mystery Desert 3. Ancient Dungeon 1. Ancient Dungeon 2. Cursed Temple 3F. Improvements on Item Logs. Anti-hack improvements. MANUAL UPDATE: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2425.zip New Battle Royale Achievements Now you have new exclusive achievements on Battle Royale Event! You can do a few many quests inside the arena to win the exclusive achievements! For now, we have one for each class, where you need to be the last one standing (winner) on the Battle Royale! In the further, we've planned to add more achievements to the Battle Royale and a new ranking system inside (as a hidden score where it will determine how players are playing the Broyale and who's the best on each class). Eventually, we will add these features in all systems (like a general score in the server), but for now, we don't have a date about when it will be implemented. Enjoy rPT! ?
  13. Regnum

    Patch 2424

    Patch 2424: Anti-hack Improvements. New Achievement window. Few bug fixes. Enjoy rPT! ?
  14. Regnum

    Patch 2423

    Patch 2423: SoD is online! Added Lv.118 Ring on Perfectize. Fixed a bug where the character isn't saving before entering Battle Royale. Fixed bug where disconnecting custom names on User Panel isn't working correctly. Changes on Endless Tower 3F Monsters. Skills Changes: Haunt: Fixed bug where the skill is affected by Resistance. Diastrophism: Increased Damage Boost to 44% on Lv.10. Meteorite: Fixed bug where Damage isn't working correctly. Sword Blast: Fixed bug where Area isn't Linear. Brandish: Increased Area and Damage Boost. Sword of Justice: Decreased MP & STM. Berserker: Increased Damage and Absorption penalty decreased. Enjoy rPT! ?
  15. Hi, Planned Maintenance, 06/07 - Saturday 12:30 AM (00:30h) Server Time. Duration: ~6 hours. Enjoy rPT! ?
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