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  1. Patch 2720: Christmas Event is OFF! New Skins: Perum Axe. Perum Claw. Perum Dagger. Perum Hammer. Perum Staff. Perum Phantom. Perum Scythe. Perum Bow. Perum Sword. Perum Javelin. Perum Male Costume. Perum Female Costume. Chaos Shield. Dark Shield. Note: These skins are available at Coin Shop only! For level 1-140 players: 1.75x EXP event! For level 1-150 players: 30% EXP event! Mini boss
  2. Patch 2715: New Map: Cursed Desert (142). You must go to Battle Town, then swim to Cursed Desert. New Items Lv. 134. New Item System: Earrings. The following maps have had their level changed: Death Island (125). Ice Mine 1F (130). Secret Laboratory (134). Ancient Weapon (138). Few bug fixes on Swim System. Manual Update: Click here! Enjoy rPT! 😎
  3. Patch 2714: A Tale of Gifts - Christmas event is active! 🎄 New Christmas Quests. New Mounts: Blitzen. Snowdeer. Zira. Ice Tiger. Iron Charger. Mecaballus. Rudolf. Gallant. New Exclusive Swim System: Now you can swim in some water places. 🤽🏽‍♂️ Perhaps there are some unexpected bugs, this system is still in beta. Fixed a bug where Death Screen isn't working while riding a mount. Fixed visual bugs on Lions Mounts. Preparations for the new m
  4. Patch 2713: New Mount: Ghost Wolf. It can only be obtained from the Ghost Castle. New Ghost Castle Room (131-150). Now Ghost Castle can be entered 3 times a day instead of 2. Added new Blacksmith Squeeb with Lv.110 Items. The following quests have their Lv. Max. increased: The King. The Necromancer. The Ancient Evil Magician. Old Guardian. The Old Demon. The Demon Angel. Herald of a God. Commander Saxhleel. The Mine Commander. Retrieving b
  5. Patch 2710: New Mounts: Hopy. Cuepy. Golden Hopy. Hog. Hell Dusk. Spark. Grey Horse. White Horse. Secret Unicorn. Scar. Kion. Pingu Jam. New Exclusive Obscure Hat: This will give +5% Attack Power. This item will only be available in the Dragon's Dungeon. Coin Shop changes: Perfectize prices have been updated. Swap prices have been updated. Added some Items up to Lv.126 for sale.
  6. Hi, According to the changes we're making to the game, we've been updated the coin bonuses. Here are the new bonuses: USD: Price Coin Amount $10 1000 + 400 $20 2000 + 800 $30 3000 + 1200 $40 4000 + 1600 $50 5000 + 2000 $100 10000 + 4000 $150 15000 + 6000 $200 20000 + 8000 $250 25000 + 10000 $500 50000 + 20000 BRL: Price Coin Amount R$35
  7. Patch 2707: New Level Cap: 150. New Action Field Map: Dragon's Dungeon. New Skin Items: Obscure Axe. Obscure Axe One Hand. Obscure Claw. Obscure Dagger. Obscure Hammer. Obscure Staff. Obscure Wand. Obscure Phantom. Obscure Scythe. Obscure Bow. Obscure Sword. Obscure Sword One Hand. Obscure Javelin. Obscure Shield. Ne
  8. Patch 2706: Now for a limited period of time, If you are below level 110, you will level up to 110 instantly just by visiting Yurina NPC at Ricarten Town. You can now sell your items by coins on Personal Shop. You need to check the "Coins" checkbox in the window and type the price. Few bug fixes. Note: Due to unexpected maintenance, the next Battle Royale will be 01:00 AM. (Server Time) Manual Update: Click here! Enjoy rPT! 😎
  9. Patch 2704: Migrations are available! New Pk Mode system! Added New Halloween Quest: The Halloween Commander Daily Quest. Note: Halloween event will be available until the next maintenance. New map for Character Select. Regeneration Field skill now remains until you click again to stop it. Changed Aging +21 and +22 effects. Fixed an exploit at Battle Royale. Few bug fixes. Preparations for a new event. Manual Update: Click here! Enjoy rPT! 😎
  10. Patch 2699: Animation Blending added to Renderer. (See below). Transitions between animations are now smoother. Optimizations. Fixed a bug where mounts cause a crash. Enjoy rPT! Look at Arms, legs, and shoulders. 2020-10-27_17-54-34_1.mp4
  11. Patch 2697: New DirectX 9Ex for Renderer. The game is no longer freeze when Alt-Tab. A Slight performance increase. Note: This option is enabled by default, but you can change it if you want on Settings->Video->DirectX Version. New Loader System. Now the Loader will load Players/Monsters/Items/NPCs without freezing the game. (except for Maps) Few bug fixes.
  12. Hi, Should we add the PK mode flag system to the game? This will be a system where you can set yourself as a "PK" and you can kill players or be killed by other players. It can't be deactivated until complete 5 minutes. We can add exclusive quests and other things to this system to make the game more fun. Please vote, your feedback is extremely important to us! Thank you.
  13. Some Textures for Halloween Ricarten with Effects: Also, we kept the bridge without any effects for comparison:
  14. Patch 2695: New Halloween Event. 👻 New Exclusive Halloween Mount: Bat Pingu. Note: This is a preview for Mounts, keep in mind that some unexpected problems may occur. New Halloween Ricarten. A slight approach to a new Halloween Ricarten. (See below) New Halloween Monsters: Halloween Fighter Spirit. Halloween Mechanician Spirit. Halloween Archer Spirit. Halloween Pikeman Spirit. Halloween Atalanta Spirit. Halloween Knight Spirit. Halloween Magician Spirit. H
  15. Video Blend Skinning.mp4 Normal Map: V44dV1Z.mp4
  16. Patch 2690: New Engine update: Now you can play more smoothly! With this update, we can bring more news and players can handle it without losing FPS or lowering the graphics! Technical information: New Blend Skinning Support. (See below) New Normal Map Support. (See below) Dynamic Shadows. (Coming soon) Shader Model 3.0 Dynamic lights improvement. Removed a lot of useless model modifications. Model Bone Cache Animation. SSE2 instr
  17. Patch 2685: New Golden Hopy Event. New Golden Hopy Costumes: There's a change to get a permanent Golden Hopy Costume at this event. New Golden Hopy Caravan. New Golden Hopy Hat: New Exclusive Hat. Gives +3% Critical and +2% Evade. New Boss Daily Quests: Commander Saxhleel (Argonian Quest). Vestiges of Ancient War. The Greedy. New Samurai Hair. Will be available at Time Shop. Now if you're top level, the Ghost Castle and Tropical Island Rewards will be Gold instead of EXP.
  18. Patch 2680: Beginners' Buff level increased to 129. SoD events level changed: Ranked SoD: Lv.130+. Beginner SoD: Lv.40-129. Increased monster levels at Beginner SoD for better EXPing. Ancient Weapon drop items minimal level changed to Lv.114 instead of Lv.110. Removed Mystic Potions from Ancient Weapon. Refactored code of Character Running and Walking Animation Handler. Refactored code of Character Animation Handler set. Fixed a bug where Assassin's Polluted Skill isn't working. Fixed a bug where Battle Royale dis
  19. Patch 2675: New Map: Ancient Weapon (140). New Lv.130 Items. New Exclusive Sub-Boss: Ancient. Extra Deathmatch round today (27/06) 03:30 AM Server Time. Extra Battle Royale rounds: Saturday. Sunday. Added Super Jera (128-136), it will drop in maps, will be available at Time Shop and Vote Points. The following repeatable quests have their EXP Increased: The Lost Temple (Solo) from 3,08 bil to 4 bil (Lost Temple). The Lost Temple (Party) from 3,15 bil to 4,2 bil (Lost Temple). The
  20. Patch 2674: Double EXP Event is ON! 🎉 Yeti Event is ended! Released Swap Items for Lv.126. Added Arcane Stone that reduces 40% of Aging Failure. New Aging Recovery Prices: Lv.126 items: 800 coins. Lv.122 Items: 600 coins. Below Lv.122 items: 400 coins. Reduced Price on Perfectize Item: Lv.114 items: 800 to 600 coins. Lv.118 Items: 1200 to 800 coins. Lv.122 Items: 1800 to 1200 coins. Lv.126 Items: 2400 to 1800 coins. Reduced Price on Swap Item Category: Lv.1
  21. Patch 2673: New Yeti Event! 🎉 New Ice Hair.😍 New Ice Costume.🥰 New Caravan Yeti.🤩 Note: Ice Hair will be available at Item Shop and Time Shop. Increased EXP Reward at The Grand Fury: King Fury: 18,000,000,000 EXP if less than 11 minutes. 13,000,000,000 EXP between 11 and 20 minutes. 10,000,000,000 EXP if more than 20 minutes. Lord Babel: 13,000,000,000 EXP if less than 11 minutes. 10,000,000,000 EXP between 11 and 20 minutes.
  22. Patch 2672: New Horde: Tropical Horde! New Quest: The Tropical Hunt! New Animations: Taunt. Usage: /taunt Dance. (you can get it by buying Dance at Time Shop) Usage: /dance Note: Dance will work per character only. Added New Battle Royale countdown time to open at Broyale Window. Added how many instances you can participate at Action Field Window. Increased Soul Crystal duration to 10 minutes. Increased Forgotten Temple 2 FPS Performance monsters. Fixed a bug whe
  23. Patch 2671: Offensive and Defensive attributes of monsters of the following maps have been revised: Death Island monsters. Ice Mine monsters. Secret Laboratory. Fixed a bug where Tropical Island monsters disappear. Fixed a bug where Ghost Castle monsters disappear. Fixed a bug where Glow Effects aren't working. Extra Broyale Deathmatch rounds: Sunday: 01:00, 08:00, 13:00 and 20:00. Enjoy rPT!. 😎
  24. Patch 2666: The following quests have been changed to Party: The escape of the spirits (110). Arrest Gorgon (115). The transformation of the spirits (120). Wedding of horrors (126). Me and the Demons (132). Undead Secret (136). Note: You must get the quest again if you have an active quest to work with party. Extra Broyale Deathmatch rounds: Time on Sunday updated: 01:00, 08:00, 13:00 and 20:00. Fixed a bug where coins aren't trading. Fixed a bug where Chest boxes are di
  25. Patch 2665: New Battle Royale Mode: Deathmatch A Broyale mode with two teams: Green. White. The team that reaches the kill amount of 150, will win. Users will not be kicked if die until some team not reaches the objective. Extra Broyale Deathmatch rounds: Saturday: 14:00 and 20:00. Sunday: 02:00, 08:00, 14:00 and 20:00. New Broyale Times: Sunday: Deathmatch - 11:00 and 23:00. Monday: Old Ruinem - 11:00 and 23:00. Tuesday: Fa
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