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    Patch 2437: Lava Horde event ended! 😥 On Saturday: Aging Free event. 🤩 On Sunday: Reduce aging fail event. 🤩 Now Creed skill can be used on party users. 🤗 Now Force of Nature skill can recast. 😃 Login window changed. Changed Magnetic Discharge effect. Fixed bug where debuffs (such as Roar) aren't working on Battle Royale. Fixed bug where Triumph of Valhalla can crash the game when used on targets. Fixed bug where few users are disconnected while playing with Mechanician. Enjoy rPT! 😎
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    Hi all, We need someone for a job on a 3D PT Map. It's not a big work but we need something different. If you love PT and have skills to do something like that, please PM me here or discord. Preference for who worked with 3DS Max software. Thank you. 😃


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