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    Hi the poll defines which character will receive the next T5 skill. The skills of T5 will be released gradually, to avoid some unbalance / bug's. The winners in the current poll will not available to be chosen on the next.
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    Event Information: Horde Clone ET3: Monsters with decreased absorption, defense and damage, increased EXP and 114 drop rate. Horde Clone ET2: Monsters with decreased absorption, defense and damage, increased EXP and 114 drop rate. Horde Clone ET1: Monsters with decreased absorption, defense and damage, increased EXP and 110 drop rate. Boitata will randomly appear every hour between ET1, ET2 and ET3 maps. Boitata will drop sheltoms (up to Oredo), Aging Stone, Topaz Stone, EXP Potion and Third Eye.
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    Patch 2406: Extra Drop Event ON! New bug fixes on Battle Royale. Fixed bug where Broyale Costume on Fighter not working. Broyale Costume now can be placed on trade and personal shop. Fixed a critical bug where you can dupe items on caravan. Added a Handicap on Batle Royale for some classes. Preparations for SoD server-side update. Anti-hack improvements. Few bug fixes. Note: Battle Royale was cancelled since we've to test some things before it's release, but we can open for testing in the week. Tomorrow we will do a Short Maintenance. Manual Update: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2406.zip Enjoy rPT!
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    Everyone who has reached level 100 and completed the T5 Quest, will receive a permanent title in their main character (one for each player). For those who still keeping exping and testing more than level 100, will receive the rewards as shown below. The rewards will be: Beta Test end next friday Rank Player Name CLASS LEVEL EXP REWARDS 1 Len 114 502308333647 Legacy Member + Custom "Regnum Costume" + Caravan 2 PeChip 112 360344972275 3 Celesto 112 356814926749 4 Athena 112 345915742586 5 Omochi 111 337771288255 6 IceStorm 111 304356754988 7 Eleven 111 303086809617 8 RzO 111 289551927296 9 Madara 111 288095586351 10 DaoPhu 111 287639787729 11 Kayn 109 219304359611 12 PikeSexy 109 212014640953 13 Dyanna 109 209004413528 14 Chair 109 202000819719 15 Sakuya1711 109 200502333206 16 Lombra 108 192736239576 17 ThanhNuXaTien 108 189689831337 18 IGORKANNARIO 108 179454883616 19 Invictus 108 169663707319 20 Xanaina 108 166559059027 21 HaiPT 107 145635584823 Legacy Member + Caravan 22 ToxicMage 107 145427899509 23 KaoriKanzaki 107 142192184167 24 IXI 106 126299213681 25 ThanhPhong 106 123266933746 26 Toxichoneyz 106 122302236848 27 Sousoke 106 117238967806 28 METALBOY 105 115474724133 29 Napolitanos2 105 114346521201 30 MrBin 105 111355367522 31 JEANCARLOS 105 107509469624 Legacy Member + Combo (Gravity Stone + Vamp + MP Down + STM Down + Fenix) 32 Ctrl 105 107502831273 33 MagoDeSaia 105 99697929356 34 BigLove 104 95464411380 35 Maintenance 104 88907289231 36 Cremosa 104 85179424791 37 Hahahel 104 80939715036 38 Asuna 103 76248098303 39 CapsLock 103 75689607534 40 CuDaCura 103 70022095938 Regnum Custom for the top 20: (all items will already be active in the accounts)
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    Patch 2413: New Priestess T5 Skill: Ice Meteorite. New Battle Royale time: Saturday: 11:00AM and 11:00PM Server Time. Sunday: 11:00AM and 11:00PM Server Time. More information about Battle Royale!. Disabled SoD for now for tests. Now EXP from The Grand Fury and Battle Royale are affected by EXP Event. Fixed bug where monster spawns are delayed between kill and respawn. Server is on Debug Mode for bug checks. Manual Update: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2413.zip Enjoy rPT! ^^ Note: As you know, our server had some issues about connection, which caused a lot of disconnects (DC) and lag, especially in some events such as The Grand Fury. We are working on that and we found that one of the reasons for this connection problems isn't only the recent DDoS attacks that we've suffered, but also Bellatra (Survive or Die - SoD), which we've refactored/rewritten a lot of codes and maybe that cause some issues in core code (disconnect and lag). For this reason, SoD will be disabled until we find the reason that causes the server instability and also fix the bugs that the community report on Suggestions and Report Bug forum areas. Due to Bellatra system have a lot of changes, we may stay a few days without it, due to tests that will be done by the staff on our test server and also on the main server (testing the fixes applied on that). Just be patient. Regnum Staff.
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    Hi, Saturday, 12:30 AM, we will have a planned maintenance. Bug fixes and a new update! 😃 Duration: ~4 hours. Enjoy rPT!
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    Exp Event
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    Patch 2384: Anti-hack improvements. Few graphics engine code update. Preparation for a big update on further. New Vote point system at User Panel. New Clan Management at User Panel. Enjoy rPT! ^^
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    Hello, This weekend will have the Battle Royale event at: Saturday, June 2 - 11:00AM (11:00h) server time. Sunday, June 2 - 11:00PM (23:00h) server time. Some Handicap settings has been changed.
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    Easter Event How does the event work? We know that Easter is very special for many people, even for us of Regnum World, so we have decided to bring this joy to our players and now, all maps will spawn the Easter Monsters, but be careful, these monsters may seem harmless, they arent. If you defeat one of these monsters, it can drop Easter eggs. After getting 3 of these eggs go to Ricarten Town and talk to Master Valdo, he will exchange the eggs for you and will give you a good reward. Be careful, he carries a huge sword and if he gets angry, he can use it against you. Quests: Easter Bunnies Quest Easter Bunnies 1 to 100 objective: Kill: 10 Normal Rabies Maps: Oasis, Forgotten Land, Forbbiden Land and Battlefield of the Ancients Reward: 2.500.000.000 (2.5 Bil) EXP Quest Easter Bunnies 100 to 115 objective: Kill: 15 Strong Rabies Maps: Lost Island, Lost Temple and Endless Tower 1F Reward: (6 Bil) EXP Quest Easter Bunnies 115 to 135 objective: Kill: 20 King Rabies Maps: Endless Tower 2F and Death Island Reward: (10 Bil) EXP Description: Go to Latika, Daily Quest located in Ricarten Town after finding it, select the Quest according to your level. After you killed the amount of monsters from you quest, get back to Latika, Daily Quest's, to finish your quest and receive your reward. All Rabies quest monsters have a chance to drop the following items: Aging Stone Caravan Rabie Caravan Tobie Sheltoms from Celesto to Oredo Forces from Celesto to Oredo
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    Patch 2374: Aging +20 released!. New Lv.114 Items released!. New Map: Endless Tower 3F(122). New Boss: Devil Shy at Endless Tower 3F. New Item Boss: Devil Shy Ring. Now Boss Set #1 works with Devil Shy Ring. Fixed bug where some hairs of Assassin and Shaman not working. Fixed bug where Respec are only working with 1 Jera. New Craft formula: 01 Valento Ring for recipe, 01 Light Purple Rune and 02 Jeras = Devil Shy Ring. Decreased Endless Tower 2F and Quest level to 116. Increased Endless Tower 1F quest EXP. MANUAL UPDATE: http://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2374.zip Enjoy rPT! ^^
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    Hi, 01/04/2019 00:30 am - Friday, we will have a planned maintenance! ^^.
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    Hello Proelium Sub-Server will be closed. Boss Argonian spawn at Greedy Lake (GL) on the Proelium server, Now it will spawn at Imperatus Server. Would Greedy Lake be PvP?
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    Eu sinto pena de vc, ser rejeitado em todos os clans e reclamar por terem pessoas que jogam com amigos e com donate, tendo em vista que vc nao é capaz de nenhum dos supracitados. Devia é agradecer da galera jogar em conjunto, ao inves de vc que sobrou sozinho e nao traz nenhum player pra combater e trazer dinamica ao server.
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    Beta Test end in 11/09/2018 02:00 PM GMT (12:00 PM Brazil time) (9:00 PM Vietnam time) We will do a maintenance, the server will one day do it. Official Server open in 11/10/2018 2:00 PM GMT (12:00 PM Brazil time) (9:00 PM Vietnam time)
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    Patch 2407: Battle Royale Test Event: 30th May, Thursday 11:00PM (23:00h) Server time. New Horde Event: Mechanic: Lost Island. Lost Temple. Endless Tower 1F. Endless Tower 2F. Endless Tower 3F. Death Island. Increased EXP on Ghost Castle monsters. Fixed size of Ghost Castle monsters. Now you can kick your character by clicking the Green Online button on User Panel. Battle Royale updates and bug fixes: Fixed a bug where you can't get items on the floor. Fixed a bug where Battle Royale teleports you out from the arena. Fixed a bug where you can dupe or lose some items. Added Text information on top of the screen: Waiting for players... (00:xx) (time left to start). In Battle (battle time). Added a new Handicap system for magic classes on Battle Royale. Increased teleport time after player death. Increased teleport time after win the battle. Increased chance for meteorites in the battle. Now if has more than one player in the final, after 1 minute the server will kill the players randomly till only stay the last one. Survive or Die (SoD) changes: Refactored SoD system in the server. SoD level changed: 105~135. Added new SoD for low level players: 30~105 (Soon) (NPCs are located at Ricarten Town near Good Boy, Longbo NPC). Preparations for changes in the client. Fixed a bug where Bosses not spawn. New Ranking with Seals. (Soon) Preparations for client visual updates. Fixed a bug where Fighter Broyale Costume not working. Fixed a bug where Soul Sucker absorbs HP from bosses. Rewritten place item code. Now you can trade or sell Broyale Costume. Preparations for a new update. Enjoy rPT! 😎
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    Hi All, Planned Maintenance, 30th May Thursday - 12:30 AM (00:30h) Server Time. Enjoy rPT! 😃
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    Hi, Planned Maintenance Saturday 25th - 12:30 AM (00:30h) Server Time. ~Drogon is flying east toward, Kinvara is there. Enjoy rPT! ^^
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    Patch 2395b: Increased EXP on The Grand Fury: Lord Babel: 5bil EXP. King Fury: 8bil EXP. New Death Island quests. New Daily Quest for Death Island Boss. Now Boss Daily Quests no longer have maximum level requirement. New Daily Quest on Cursed Temple 3F. Preparations for new updates and systems. Fixed few bugs on server-side. New Raid invite command: /raid or //raid. The Grand Fury reward chances increased.
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    Hi 04/12/2019 00:30 am - Friday, we will have a planned maintenance! Enjoy rPT. ^^
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    Event Information: Horde Clone ET3: Monsters with decreased absorption, defense and damage, increased EXP and 114 drop rate. Horde Clone ET2: Monsters with decreased absorption, defense and damage, increased EXP and 114 drop rate. Horde Clone ET1: Monsters with decreased absorption, defense and damage, increased EXP and 110 drop rate. The Event monsters appear in the following Schedules: 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 01:00 p.m., 02:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. Event Duration: 2 Days (03/27/2019 and 03/28/2019)
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    02/03/2019 00:30 a.m. server time Reason: Start the carnival event
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    Patch 2386: Quests EXP increased: Lost Island. Lost Temple. Endless Tower 1F. Endless Tower 2F. Endless Tower 3F. New Daily Quest at Ancient Dungeon 2F. New Party Quest at Endless Tower 3F. New Daily Quest The Demon Angel. Enjoy rPT! ^^.
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    Wanted Moriph all Maps
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    Patch 2375: Ghost Castle event released! Fixed bug where Armor and Robe aging not working. Fixed bug where Clan chat not working. Xmas costumes are now blocked on mix and aging NPC. Valento Ring, Kelvezu Amulet and Dark Guardian Sheltom and Argonian Gauntlets drop increased. Manual Update: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2375.zip Enjoy rPT! ^^
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    Patch 2365 New Level Cap: 125. New Maps: Ancient Dungeon 1 (110) and Ancient Dungeon 2 (120). New Achievement: Top Level 125. Several Anti-hack improvements. Sub-Server (PvP) Closed. Added new NPC for Beginner's Buff: Yurina at Ricarten Town. (see below) Now PvP Honor will reset before Siege War. Now PvP Honor top players will be based on Siege War kills only. Argonian Gauntlets stats changed. Added New maps to Teleport Core: Endless Tower 1F, Ancient Dungeon 1 and Ancient Dungeon 2. Quest Solo Ice 1 balanced. Quest Solo Lost Island balanced. Quest Solo Lost Temple balanced. Mob Exp increased in Et2 Valento drop increased. Kelvezu Drop increased. Mokova increased. Internal test for new systems ^_^. Yurina NPC: Now if you are under Lv.1~104, you can request a Beginner's Buff at Yurina and you will receive an EXP Up, Vampire Teeth, Mana Down and STM Down for lasts 3 hours. (only buffs, not the items) MANUAL UPDATE: http://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2365.zip Enjoy rPT! ^^
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    Muitas falhas esses pvp em et1/et2 mesmo, mas GL não tem esse mesmo problema, não tem portal para ficarem bugando, e se quiser usar core, pode usar, mas vai ter que voltar a pé atravessando o mapa todo.
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    Nem vou ler tudo, kkk mas de boa, to kgando se é PVP ou não o que não da para aguentar é os "Player" merdinha usando bug de et1 para matar quem esta upando ... Há Dexter, mas o mapa é PVP, ok meu querido girino, é PVP !!! Mas seja homem e vem matar como gente grande, não correndo que nem *%&¨$&#& usando core pra fugir, quando teu char para de piscar como vagalume gay ... Claro que estou falando de um char eternamente mula chamado Nicole, mas fiquei sabendo que tem vários fazendo o mesmo ... No mais, acho que server PVP ter "vantagem" é burrice, mas né ... Fod*¨*$ o importante é a staff parar de ir na onda de player, caso contrário vai virar Season 5 Abraço
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    monta o clan de vcs e cai pro pau irmao JA TO DE PINTECA ESPERANDO
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    "Desanimar" quase fiquei com dó...se vira nos 30 cara arruma um Clan e da teu jeito ou se quiser ser player solo se vira também agora fica com esse choro de "ahh Boss de um Clan só" , "ahh eu coloco sempre um impasse pq sou chorão " sempre colocando culpa em um ou outro pq você não consegue isso ou aquilo é deprimente.
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    Hello Planned Maintenance, Friday - 1:00 AM server time - 12/14/2018. Duration: ~4 hours.
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    Patch 2360: Christmas Event is ON! New PvP Subserver: Proelium. (More information below) Added New Boss at Proelium Server on Greedy Lake: Argonian Lv. 120. Added New Argonian Gauntlets. Subservers name changed. Host Server changed (sightly faster). Increased Cyclone Strike hits to 15 at Lv.10. Increased Impulsion hits to 15 at Lv.10. New Subserver information (BETA): Do you like to fight? so, if you fight in all maps to get more EXP and drops? It's your chance! The Proelium Server is a PvP subserver with 15% more EXP and more chances to get +1 drop. Note: The maps are in PvP Mode. This server is an Event server and can be changed or disabled at any time. MANUAL UPDATE: http://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2360.zip
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    Patch 2347: Preparations for The Grand Fury: King Fury. Preparations for the next level cap. Preparations for Xmas Event. (just a new system test) First Siege War on Sunday, 11/18 - 02:00 PM (GMT). Halloween Event OFF! (But you still can get rewards in lanterns!). Now Virtual Life and Enchant Weapon can be castable on party members. (Range: 300) Now Enchant Weapon shows you the current element in skill box. Increased God's Blessing damage to 18% Lv.10. Cyclone Strike was reworked in previous patch. Fixed bug where game crash when receiving damage. Fixed bug where monsters disappear while caravan is near spawn points. Fixed bug where quests doesn't working correctly (mouse and teleport bug). Fixed bug where you can accept trade and party while personal shop is open. Minor bug fixes. MANUAL UPDATE (if needed): https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2347.zip
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    Hi Guys If your launcher is not opening download the patch through this link: Patch 2331 Patch 2333 Enjoy Regnum World


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