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    Patch 2406: Extra Drop Event ON! New bug fixes on Battle Royale. Fixed bug where Broyale Costume on Fighter not working. Broyale Costume now can be placed on trade and personal shop. Fixed a critical bug where you can dupe items on caravan. Added a Handicap on Batle Royale for some classes. Preparations for SoD server-side update. Anti-hack improvements. Few bug fixes. Note: Battle Royale was cancelled since we've to test some things before it's release, but we can open for testing in the week. Tomorrow we will do a Short Maintenance. Manual Update: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2406.zip Enjoy rPT!
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    Patch 2413: New Priestess T5 Skill: Ice Meteorite. New Battle Royale time: Saturday: 11:00AM and 11:00PM Server Time. Sunday: 11:00AM and 11:00PM Server Time. More information about Battle Royale!. Disabled SoD for now for tests. Now EXP from The Grand Fury and Battle Royale are affected by EXP Event. Fixed bug where monster spawns are delayed between kill and respawn. Server is on Debug Mode for bug checks. Manual Update: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2413.zip Enjoy rPT! ^^ Note: As you know, our server had some issues about connection, which caused a lot of disconnects (DC) and lag, especially in some events such as The Grand Fury. We are working on that and we found that one of the reasons for this connection problems isn't only the recent DDoS attacks that we've suffered, but also Bellatra (Survive or Die - SoD), which we've refactored/rewritten a lot of codes and maybe that cause some issues in core code (disconnect and lag). For this reason, SoD will be disabled until we find the reason that causes the server instability and also fix the bugs that the community report on Suggestions and Report Bug forum areas. Due to Bellatra system have a lot of changes, we may stay a few days without it, due to tests that will be done by the staff on our test server and also on the main server (testing the fixes applied on that). Just be patient. Regnum Staff.
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    Patch 2407: Battle Royale Test Event: 30th May, Thursday 11:00PM (23:00h) Server time. New Horde Event: Mechanic: Lost Island. Lost Temple. Endless Tower 1F. Endless Tower 2F. Endless Tower 3F. Death Island. Increased EXP on Ghost Castle monsters. Fixed size of Ghost Castle monsters. Now you can kick your character by clicking the Green Online button on User Panel. Battle Royale updates and bug fixes: Fixed a bug where you can't get items on the floor. Fixed a bug where Battle Royale teleports you out from the arena. Fixed a bug where you can dupe or lose some items. Added Text information on top of the screen: Waiting for players... (00:xx) (time left to start). In Battle (battle time). Added a new Handicap system for magic classes on Battle Royale. Increased teleport time after player death. Increased teleport time after win the battle. Increased chance for meteorites in the battle. Now if has more than one player in the final, after 1 minute the server will kill the players randomly till only stay the last one. Survive or Die (SoD) changes: Refactored SoD system in the server. SoD level changed: 105~135. Added new SoD for low level players: 30~105 (Soon) (NPCs are located at Ricarten Town near Good Boy, Longbo NPC). Preparations for changes in the client. Fixed a bug where Bosses not spawn. New Ranking with Seals. (Soon) Preparations for client visual updates. Fixed a bug where Fighter Broyale Costume not working. Fixed a bug where Soul Sucker absorbs HP from bosses. Rewritten place item code. Now you can trade or sell Broyale Costume. Preparations for a new update. Enjoy rPT! 😎
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    Hi All, Planned Maintenance, 30th May Thursday - 12:30 AM (00:30h) Server Time. Enjoy rPT! 😃
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    Hi, Planned Maintenance Saturday 25th - 12:30 AM (00:30h) Server Time. ~Drogon is flying east toward, Kinvara is there. Enjoy rPT! ^^


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