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  1. Patch 2715: New Map: Cursed Desert (142). You must go to Battle Town, then swim to Cursed Desert. New Items Lv. 134. New Item System: Earrings. The following maps have had their level changed: Death Island (125). Ice Mine 1F (130). Secret Laboratory (134). Ancient Weapon (138). Few bug fixes on Swim System. Manual Update: Click here! Enjoy rPT! 😎
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  2. Patch 2713: New Mount: Ghost Wolf. It can only be obtained from the Ghost Castle. New Ghost Castle Room (131-150). Now Ghost Castle can be entered 3 times a day instead of 2. Added new Blacksmith Squeeb with Lv.110 Items. The following quests have their Lv. Max. increased: The King. The Necromancer. The Ancient Evil Magician. Old Guardian. The Old Demon. The Demon Angel. Herald of a God. Commander Saxhleel. The Mine Commander. Retrieving b
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    Mini Boss Event How does this event work? The main bosses of some maps are now Mini-Bosses! What's different about these bosses? The defense of these bosses has been decreased and also the bosses who drop rune items now have a chance to drop the item crafted, with no need to craft the item from the beginning. Example: Mini Tulla, besides the chance to drop the Rune, it also has a chance to drop the Tulla Amulet item. Another detail of the event: In addition to the differences mentioned above, now the Mini King Pelgia will be born on the Road to the Wind map w
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