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  • Share Password

    Share password is a system that allows you to set a temporary password for your game account. This can be useful for players who want his friends or clanmates to log in into their characters for some game events or for help leveling, for example. To set up a share password for your account, first make sure it is logged off in-game and go to User Panel (link here).


    After logging in, select on the left navigation menu Share Password option.


    When you open it, you will notice there is a box showing the current status of Share Password for your account. If it is activated in your account, it will show the remaining time until the expiration - and you remove/disable the Share Password set previously from here.


    To set up a Share Password, simply go to Login sub-pane and enter a password in the input box named `Share Password`. This password should be a low length password and also make sure this password is different from your current account password and then select how many days the password should last in the `Expires in` selector.


    In the Permissions box, you will find there's plenty of options to disable for your account. By security, the login into User Panel and Creation/Deletion of Characters is disabled. Also, some options are enabled by default, and you can uncheck them if you want. Select the permissions for the password and then click in `Set a Share Password`.



    You will notice the box will change with the modified actions and from there is possible to see how many days/hours/minutes/seconds left until the password expires. From the Main Page of User Panel, in the Profile tab is possible to see if there is any Share Password active and the expiration date.



    When you log in an account using the Share Password, a message will be shown informing that you're logged in with Share PW. Your account will have full of permissions in-game except the options you disabled previously on User Panel.

    You should log off in-game first before makes any change for any Share Password set - also you can kick a user online into your account using panel. When you make any change to your game account such as change password or e-mail address, the Share Password set previously is canceled.

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