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  • Mounts

    Mounts are a new way to explore the world of Regnum! They are essential for you to traverse the vast lands. How to get them, you ask? You can get them at our Coin Shop, Time Shop, and at our fixed events like (The Grand Fury, Bellatra, Ghost Castle and others)There are so so many, do you have it in you to collect them all?

    Adding Mounts to your Stable

    To register the Mount in your stable, right click and use the Tamed Mount Crystal. The Mount will be permanently placed in your Stable, among other Mounts you may have. You can only have one Mount in your Stable per type. You open your Stable with the X keyboard button, or with the button in the HUD.


    Using a Mount

    To use your Mount, simply hold Spacebar key for 5 seconds or open the Stable Window and click the Mount Button. When you use the Mount, your character will jump and a fog will appear, this takes about half a second. Then... you'll be sitting for the first time on a Mount!!




    Mount Rarity

    Mounts are categorized in four rarities. The higher the rarity, the more Evade and Dismount Resistance, but it's only a little more. All Mounts in the same rarity category have the same stats. The Speed of Mounts is the same across Mounts of all rarities.

    • Common
      • Easily found in the Battlefields.
    • Rare
      • Moderately found in the Battlefields.
    • Epic
      • Rarely found in the Battlefields. May also be dropped or obtained through Events.
    • Legendary
      • Only obtained during Events.

    Mount List

      Name Rarity Obtain Location
    Hopt_1.png Hopy Common The Grand Fury, Time Shop and Vote Shop
    Hopt_2.png Cuepy Common The Grand Fury, Time Shop and Vote Shop
    Horse.png Spark Common Bellatra and Dragon's Dungeon
    Horse_1.png White Horse Common The Grand Fury
    Horse_2.png Grey Horse Common Battle Royale
    HalloweenPingu.png Halloween Pingu Common Halloween Event
    Horse_3.png Gallant Common Events
    Snowdeer_1.png Rudolph Common Christmas Event
    ObscureHog.png Obscure Hog Rare Dragon's Dungeon
    Lion_1.png Scar Rare Battle Royale
    Lion_5.png Kion Rare soon
    Hog.png Horned Hog Rare Tropical Island
    Wolf_4.png Ghost Rare Ghost Castle
    IceTiger.png Ice Tiger Rare Events
    Lion_4.png Zira Rare Events
    Hog_1.png Helltusk Epic soon
    Snowdeer.png Snow Deer Epic Christmas Event
    Hopt.png Hony Legendary Tropical Island and Bellatra
    Unicorn_2.png Secret Unicorn Legendary Event
    SnowflakeUnicorn.png Snowflake Legendary Coin Shop
    Pingu_1.png Pingu Jam Legendary Coin Shop
    Snowdeer_2.png Blitzen Legendary Coin Shop only Christmas Event
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