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    • Level: 100

    • 2 or 3 character in Party any class


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         Obscure Locked Chest


    • Go to The Guard, Drogo, Located in Ricarten Town near the Knight Commander Derik


    After talking to The Guard, Drogo and accepting the proposed challenge, you will be directed to Dragon's Dungeon.

    After entering the Dragon's Dungeon, you must kill all the monsters until round 3 in the time of 25 minutes.

    if you have successfully completed, the following message will appear:


    When the Dragon's Dungeon finishes, go to the Distributor for items to pick up your Obscure Locked Chest

    When you win the Dragon's Dungeon you have 1 hour to open the Obscure Locked Chest.

    to open the Obscure Locked Chest, you will need 3 Chest Key, after you have all these items, go to The Guard, Shae and do as the picture:


    Once you've done the above process return to Distributor and get your reward


    • If any player leaves Dragon's Dungeon all the others left automatically
    • The Chest Key are sold on Suply Store, Ny located in Atlantis Town
    • Remember when you receive the Obscure Lock Chest you have 1 hour to open or the Silver Lock Chest will be disappear


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