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Server Online!
    RECOMMENDED download.png MINIMUM
    OS: Windows 7/8/10 OS: Windows 7/8
    RAM: 4 GB RAM: 2 GB
    Disk Space: 4,6 GB Disk Space: 4,6 G
    Video Card: supports DirectX 9 and Shader Model 3.0 Video Card: supports DirectX 9 and Shader Model 3.0
    Good Internet Connection 5 MB or more Internet Connection 1 MB
    RegnumPT Version 2725
    2,76 gb
    Download Links:
    googledri.png mega_nz.png mediafirex.png


    How to setup the game:

    1. Create a "RegnumPT" folder on C:/
    2. Extract the downloaded file into the "RegnumPT" folder that you created;
    3. All done! Run launcher!

    Optional: Are you experiencing lag when there are a lot of monsters or players around you?

    • Then try a VPN service. A VPN will route your internet connection through another country.
    • Some players have confirmed that it can help reduce lag!
    • Choose from one of these well-known VPN's:
    • After installing one if those programs, select Canada as server location.
    • Success!?
    • Note: If you don't have any lag in-game in any situation, you do not need this!


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    PristonTale Free server

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