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# Guide Tier 5


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Requirements: Level 100.

#1.  Go to atlants and talk to Arkanda.


She will ask you to hunt Bloody Knight in Lost Island, you will get Bloody Eye from Bloody Knight.


After getting it, return to Arkanda, and receive 1 Regnum Point Skill. 

#2. Go to atlants and talk to Enzo The Magic Master.


You will have to find an item called Diamond Tears, it will appear near Oasis Lake.


Bring the Diamond Tears to Enzo, you will receive another Regnum Skill Point.

#3. Go back to Arkanda, 

Get a new Quest: Kill 300 monster in Bellatra ( S.O.D.)


Return to arkanda, and get the latest Regnum Skill Points

#4. Go to Skill Master (Verkan or Raymon)



You will go to the Arena, you need to defend the crystal tower from monsters.


After defend the Crystal Tower, return to the Skill Master and use your Regnum Skill's Points.

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