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Server Online!

Patch 2742


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  • New level cap.!
  • New map! Abyss of the sea!
  • New Abyss Items Released
  • New Sheltom: Sol  50e10f9281.bmp
  • New Age +23 and +24
    • Abyss items will go up 1 level every 3 ages

27c2732580.gif 14a1b599c3.gif


  • Tune in to the following Knight skill's:

         MN50%20G_Cross.bmp Grand Cross changed damage boost to 110% at level 10
         MN66%20G_Bless.bmp God's Blessing changed to 15% at level 10

  • "Barry, The Retired Miner" added into Ice Mine



  • Fix bugs
  • Preparation for new quests
  • Preparation for new mounts


Manual Update: Click here!

Enjoy rPT!

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