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Patch 2730:

  • New Event: Fury Spirit Event!
  • New Sheltom added: Throne Sheltom!
  • New Achievement: Streamer! — Soon more information on how to obtain it!
  • Fixed a bug in Ricarten Town where it was possible to fall below the map.
  • Added new places to swim in Ricarten Town.
  • Fixed Holy Incantation Skill bug where after summoning a monster the spawns could no longer spawn any monster;
  • Improvements on Holy Incantation skill:
    • Now the Character Name of the player who enchanted the monster appears on the monster's head.
    • Now players can no longer attack the monster while it is with enchanted effect.
  • New spawns added in Cursed Desert!


Manual Update: Click here!

Enjoy rPT!

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