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Patch 2720:

  • Christmas Event is OFF!
  • New Skins:
    • Perum Axe.
    • Perum Claw.
    • Perum Dagger.
    • Perum Hammer.
    • Perum Staff.
    • Perum Phantom.
    • Perum Scythe.
    • Perum Bow.
    • Perum Sword.
    • Perum Javelin.
    • Perum Male Costume.
    • Perum Female Costume.
    • Chaos Shield.
    • Dark Shield.
    • Note: These skins are available at Coin Shop only!
  • For level 1-140 players: 1.75x EXP event!
  • For level 1-150 players: 30% EXP event!
  • Mini boss event is active!
  • Regnum Costume color has been changed.
  • Now Earrings can be perfectized.
  • Fixed a bug where Inertia was not working on PvP.
  • Fixed a bug where Phoenix Egg was not working on Trade.
  • Fixed a bug where you can revive by pressing SPACE BAR.
  • Vigor Ball Animation Speed increased.
  • Grand Cross Animation Speed increased.
  • Now if you try to use a Normal Core while in a mount, a message will appear warning you cannot do this.
  • Now if you try to open Battle Royale NPC, a message will appear warning you that you cannot do this.


Manual Update: Click here!


Enjoy rPT! 😎

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