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Patch 2714:

  • A Tale of Gifts - Christmas event is active! 🎄
  • New Christmas Quests.
  • New Mounts:
    • Snowdeer_2.png Blitzen.
    • Snowdeer.png Snowdeer.
    • Lion_4.png Zira.
    •  IceTiger.pngIce Tiger.
    • Steam_Horse.png Iron Charger.
    • Steam_Horse_1.png Mecaballus.
    • Snowdeer_1.png Rudolf.
    • Horse_3.png Gallant.
  • New Exclusive Swim System: Now you can swim in some water places. 🤽🏽‍♂️
    • Perhaps there are some unexpected bugs, this system is still in beta.
  • Fixed a bug where Death Screen isn't working while riding a mount.
  • Fixed visual bugs on Lions Mounts.
  • Preparations for the new map.
  • Preparations for new items.


Manual Update: Click here!


Enjoy rPT! 🎅🏽



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