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Patch 2710:

  • New Mounts:
    • Hopt_1.pngHopy.
    • Hopt_2.pngCuepy.
    • Hopt.pngGolden Hopy.
    • Hog.pngHog.
    • Hog_1.pngHell Dusk.
    • Horse.pngSpark.
    • Horse_2.pngGrey Horse.
    • Horse.pngWhite Horse.
    • Unicorn_3.pngSecret Unicorn.
    • Lion_1.pngScar.
    • Lion_5.pngKion.
    • Pingu_1.pngPingu Jam.
  • New Exclusive Obscure Hat:
    • This will give +5% Attack Power.
    • This item will only be available in the Dragon's Dungeon.
  • Coin Shop changes:
    • Perfectize prices have been updated.
    • Swap prices have been updated.
    • Added some Items up to Lv.126 for sale.
    • Released Swap for Lv.130 Items.
    • Added New Mounts Tab.
    • Added Skins Tab.
  • Now you can craft the Secret Recipe:
    • A Secret Recipe.
    • 3 Bellums.
    • 200,000 gp.
    • Enjoy your reward! 🥳
  • New Events Calendar. (See below)
  • Increased EXP on Dragon's Dungeon's monsters.
  • Obscure Hog drop rate increased.
  • Added one Boss for each round on Dragon's Dungeon.
  • The Ancient Weapon Riot Quest monsters decreased to 70.
  • Ancient Guardian monster spawn rate increased.
  • Some details have been changed in the Stable window.
  • Now if you click on the Mount button too quickly, a message will appear about the delay time between mount/unmount.
  • Trade Chat Delay decreased from 2 to 1 minute.
  • Added Death Effect when die.
  • Fixed a bug where Dragon's Dungeon Round 3 was not working.
  • Fixed a bug where Endless Tower 3F monsters' positions are incorrect.
  • Fixed visual bugs on Dragon's Dungeon monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where Armors/Costumes and Heads previews weren't working.
  • Fixed a bug where Achievements were not working.
  • Fixed a bug where Legacy Members were not visible in the Balloons.
  • Fixed a bug where Bless Castle Crown was not visible.


Manual Update: Click here!


Enjoy rPT! 😎

Events Calendar




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