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A Tale of Nightmares

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In the deepest dungeon lies the one who once ruled the Sky
The Magnificent
The Blight bringer
The Sultan of the skies
The boundless daemon
The forever hungry
No human dares to speak it's name aloud
For he gnaws the minds of mankind and dragons above the cloud
Humans dare not set foot where Erenkhil the dragon god rests or risk to be banished
for where he is the mind has vanished
The empty mind is place of never ending screaming nightmares
For your mind he snares
Expert from the book of wonders by Albedo the poet, 6758 A.G

When Tempritos was young, he would often gaze the empty skies of his temple in the morning, in hopes that he would catch a glimpse of the dragons who once populated the world.

Amongs those dragons, one in particular was always alone and above the others his name was Erenkhil the Magnificent.

Erenkhil was the most gracious among the dragons as his wingspan where almost 80 meters long, filled with golden feathers and blue eyes. The Dragons lived peacefully and each had it's own domain.

After the great war and the absence of the gods, the dragons began to die, as they where being hunted for their skins. The humans discovered that not only trinkets such as amulets but armor made from dragon skin where powerfull.

Being ancient and wise, Erenkhil watched patiently as he thought to himself that no human would dare to hunt him or his mate, Kelvezu the Red death.

In the year of 3029 A.G, The great Mage Allendros was able to capture and enclose kelvezu in her lair was she was keeping her eggs safe. That was the final straw for Erenkhil. The dragon flew with his great wings and tore apart the Land that was once called The great forest of Ricarten. The vast green planice where cursed and ruined, thus becoming "Cursed lands".

Filled with rage the great Dragon consumed his fellow dragons who refused to help him.

The water dragon Leviathan was consumed and his kingdom underwater was taken.

The sky dragon, Tenryu had it's wings torn apart and eaten by Erenkhil.

The earth dragon Behemoth had its skin ripped apart and consumed by Erenkhil.

The dragon grew in power, and his form completed changed becoming Erenkhil the Dragon God.

The warriors where unable to fight such a mighty dragon as he was not only powerfull but now, had the power to control the minds of everything around him.

Untouchable, he rain terror until there where no more threats around his lair and no more dragons to consume.

After the eventual death of his former mate Kelvezu, he chose to retreat to his lair where he kept, monsters and humans alike enslaved for a millennia. He had no more desire to meddle with the human world and simply slept in his dungeon. Sleeping in a pile of armors, gold and crystals.

However, while he sleeps, his ominous aura fills the place with his power, enslaving anything that dare set foot in his stronghold. It is said that the dragon in reality is in the void. The mind controlling power is called the Eternal Void Nightmare.

Lured by the wish of having armor made from the skin of a god, travellers and warriors try to hunt the dragon, but up until this day no one could even make the dragon open his eyes and fight, as the ruler of Dragon's Dungeon only fight those who are worthy.

The last sight of the dragon was made by the legendary traveler and poet, Albedo who then spread news that the dragon still lives.

Will you attempt to steal the dragons treasure? Will you dare set foot in his domain for glory?

Only time will tell.


Dragon's Dungeon

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