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Patch 2707:

  • New Level Cap: 150.
  • New Action Field Map: Dragon's Dungeon.
    • New Skin Items:
      • Obscure Axe.
      • Obscure Axe One Hand.
      • Obscure Claw.
      • Obscure Dagger.
      • Obscure Hammer.
      • Obscure Staff.
      • Obscure Wand.
      • Obscure Phantom.
      • Obscure Scythe.
      • Obscure Bow.
      • Obscure Sword.
      • Obscure Sword One Hand.
      • Obscure Javelin.
      • Obscure Shield.
  • New Mounts:
    • Snowflake.
    • Obscure Hog.
  • Mounts was moved to Stable Window.
    • You can open it by pressing the 'X' key.
    • All used Halloween Pingus was moved to Stable Window.
    • Stable Items coming soon.
  • New Daily Quest The Ancient Weapon Riot:https://regnumpristontale.com/questdaily/140theancientweaponriot/
  • New Repeatable Quests:
    • Supply and Demand (Solo). (Ancient Weapon)
    • Supply and Demand (Party). (Ancient Weapon)
  • All monsters' status from Endless Tower 2F to Ancient Weapon has been changed.
  • Ancient Weapon's drop rate has been increased for Lv.130 items.


Manual Update: Click here.


Enjoy rPT! 😎

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