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Hello warriors, 

After two years, we from Regnum Priston Tale team decided to open our first migration. To participate is very easy, just send us the information needed and follow some rules. 

Please be in mind we will do a migration, so to participate you will have to change a character from a server that you played previously for a character from Regnum.  

Send the following information on our Facebook inbox or in this forum area: https://regnumpristontale.com/forums/forum/118-migration/.

  • Website of server where you played previously:
  • Character Name:
  • Account ID:
  • Account Password or Credentials:

To get your character on Regnum with migration, you should have an account only with the character that will receive the migration equipment. Also, you need to send us the following information about the account and character that will be migrated:

  • Account ID:
  • Character Name:
  • Character Class:

Migrated character can receive this equipment/level below:


  • 1 Character with a Level between 132 to 136
  • 1 Weapon (Level 126) or (Level 122) with Aging +18
  • 1 Armor or Robe (Level 122) with Aging +15
  • 1 Shield or Orb (Level 122) with Aging +15
  • 1 Bracelets (Level 122) with Enigma Mix #2
  • 1 Gauntlets (Level 122) Enigma Mix #2
  • 1 Boots (Level 122) with Enigma Mix #2


  1. All items received will be perfect on stats, but not with the “Perfect Item” tag
  2. All items received will be locked temporarily in the migrated account


  •  You should have a character in other PT servers to participate in migration.
  • Will be migrated only one character by player.
  • You should give all the needed data, or your process will be denied.
  • Avoid spamming our social inbox or forum PMs: Migration orders can be answered in 72 hours as we will analyze the character from the other server.
  • Requests with characters from PK servers or Easy Rate servers will be denied.
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