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Patch 2695:

  • New Halloween Event. 👻
  • New Exclusive Halloween Mount: Bat Pingu.
    • Note: This is a preview for Mounts, keep in mind that some unexpected problems may occur.
  • New Halloween Ricarten.
    • A slight approach to a new Halloween Ricarten. (See below)
  • New Halloween Monsters:
    • Halloween Fighter Spirit.
    • Halloween Mechanician Spirit.
    • Halloween Archer Spirit.
    • Halloween Pikeman Spirit.
    • Halloween Atalanta Spirit.
    • Halloween Knight Spirit.
    • Halloween Magician Spirit.
    • Halloween Priestess Spirit.
    • Halloween Assassin Spirit.
    • Halloween Shaman Spirit.
  • Lights optimization: Now the game seems more "clean" than before.
  • Normal Mapping optimizations.
  • Dynamic Shadows optimization.
  • Fixed a bug where Argonian's body was invisible.
  • Fixed a bug where Transparent objects were opaque.
  • Fixed a bug where some vertices are incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where lights aren't affecting objects correctly.

Manual Patch: Click Here!

Enjoy rPT! 👻


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