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Patch 2690:

  • New Engine update:
    • Now you can play more smoothly! With this update, we can bring more news and players can handle it without losing FPS or lowering the graphics!
    • Technical information:
      • New Blend Skinning Support. (See below)
      • New Normal Map Support. (See below)
      • Dynamic Shadows. (Coming soon)
      • Shader Model 3.0
      • Dynamic lights improvement.
      • Removed a lot of useless model modifications.
      • Model Bone Cache Animation.
      • SSE2 instructions for transformations.
      • Maps using shaders.
      • Texture blending with more than one color.
      • Few optimizations.
    • Note: Keep in mind that some unexpected bugs can happen due to this Update, and we will solve this as fast as possible.
    • Note: Support for Shader Model 2.0 has been discontinued at Regnum, if your graphics card does not support 3.0, please upgrade your graphics card to a new one.
    • Note: Some graphic cards like old Intel HD Graphics don't work the GPU skinning (which makes the game increase FPS), so it will make just a slightly difference in performance.
    • Note: Some notebooks with NVIDIA/AMD cards have the cards not used by default, if it's your case, follow these steps.
  • Now Golden Hopy Costume and Regnum Costume can be placed into Craft NPC.
  • T5 Particle Mechanician Skill was modified to be cleaner.
  • Preparation for Halloween Event!
  • Preparation for Mount System!

Manual Patch: Click Here!

Stay tuned for more updates: https://regnumpristontale.com/announcement/53-regnum-development-plan/


Enjoy rPT! 😎


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