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Patch 2685:

  • New Golden Hopy Event.
  • New Golden Hopy Costumes:
    • There's a change to get a permanent Golden Hopy Costume at this event.
  • New Golden Hopy Caravan.
  • New Golden Hopy Hat:
    • New Exclusive Hat.
    • Gives +3% Critical and +2% Evade.
  • New Boss Daily Quests:
    • Commander Saxhleel (Argonian Quest).
    • Vestiges of Ancient War.
    • The Greedy.
  • New Samurai Hair. Will be available at Time Shop.
  • Now if you're top level, the Ghost Castle and Tropical Island Rewards will be Gold instead of EXP.
  • Changed one spawn place for players of Ancient Weapon.
  • Fixed a bug when change Equipment Side slot (W key / T key), it decrease FPS.
  • Fixed a bug where caravans don't follow his owner when Party Core is used.
  • Fixed a bug where Critical Strike skill on server-side auto-ban some players.
  • Magnetic Discharge skill particle performance increased.
  • Preparations for Mount System.
  • Preparations for new Battle Royale Mode.
  • Preparations for new Engine Update.

Enjoy rPT! 😎


Manual Update: Click here!



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