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Patch 2680:

  • Beginners' Buff level increased to 129.
  • SoD events¬†level changed:
    • Ranked SoD: Lv.130+.
    • Beginner SoD: Lv.40-129.
  • Increased monster levels at Beginner SoD for better EXPing.
  • Ancient Weapon drop items minimal level changed to Lv.114 instead of Lv.110.
  • Removed Mystic Potions from Ancient Weapon.
  • Refactored code of Character Running and Walking Animation Handler.
  • Refactored code of Character Animation Handler set.
  • Fixed a bug where Assassin's Polluted Skill isn't working.
  • Fixed a bug where Battle Royale disconnected Players are receiving prizes.
  • Few bug fixes.

Manual Patch: Click Here!

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