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A long time ago, the strongest being in the entire Regnum universe was the brave Tulla, known as the king of the frozen continents, however... This is now just history...

Draxos showed up in his Secret Lab and revealed to Tulla who is the new king of the entire continent (among the evil creatures, of course).

But as everyone knows, Tulla won't never let it lie! He has put his two faces to think about how to dethrone Draxos, and spent days after days thinking and creating the most wicked creature of all time! After years huddled in his mine behold, he managed to create the strongest creature of all! That's right, the most terrible, the Grand Yeti.

And it is obvious that Tulla would find a way to make his great masterpiece manage to leave his Ice Mine to dominate the whole continent of Regnum, and he did! So after the Yeti managed to escape from the Ice Mine he started to destroy everything he touched.

So now it's your turn, warrior - yes, YOU, go after the terrible Yeti. Lemme tell you that when he left the Ice Mine he took with him fragments of a Special Ice and also the container for a super-strong suit, capable of protecting anyone of all, you're not going to stand here, are you?

What is the objective of this event?

Hunt Yeti in all monster maps of Regnum PT and kill him. After doing it, it will drop Ice Recipe, Ice Flake Rune and then collect it. Also, Yeti have a chance to drop Oredo, Sapphire, and other Sheltoms,  Yeti Caravan Crystal and Force Orb.



Ice Costume Craft


Amount Items
Ice Recipe
Ice Flake Rune

As soon as you get the items to craft, as shown below, go to Master Salon located in Ricarten Town



Ice Costume


Note: The Ice Hair Potions is selling in Time Shop and Coin Shop.


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