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Darth Prog

Patch 2672

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Patch 2672:

  • New Horde: Tropical Horde!
  • New Quest: The Tropical Hunt!
  • New Animations:
    • Taunt.
      • Usage: /taunt
    • Dance. (you can get it by buying Dance at Time Shop)
      • Usage: /dance
      • Note: Dance will work per character only.
  • Added New Battle Royale countdown time to open at Broyale Window.
  • Added how many instances you can participate at Action Field Window.
  • Increased Soul Crystal duration to 10 minutes.
  • Increased Forgotten Temple 2 FPS Performance monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where Items can be grabbed even with locked items.
  • Fixed a bug where Chat Box text selection isn't working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Personal Shop opens while you are pressing B with Distributor NPC opened.
  • Fixed a bug where Lethal Sight disappear when Phoenix Pet hit a target.
  • Fixed a bug where pets' timers aren't ending when pets die.
  • Fixed a bug where Skill Points aren't increasing when level up.
  • Fixed a bug where Item Link appears on Trade Chat even you have disabled "Trade Chat Messages".

Enjoy rPT! 😎




(Sometimes our tests don't go the way we expect) @Zaryad


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