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PVP Honor and Bellatra Honor

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Dear Players,

Yesterday (05/04) during maintenance, for some unknown reason, Bellatra and PVP Honor were redefined. We are investigating the causes of this error, and it will be corrected in the next maintenance.
We understand that many players have lost this benefit, but unfortunately, it will not be possible to restore Honor, as it is added to the character according to the rankings score and cannot be done manually. We are sorry for what happened.

Regarding Honor, we have some observations to make: Right after the Honors were delivered this Sunday, we had a report from a player that someone was using low-level characters (mules) to obtain PVP Experience.

This type of conduct will not be tolerated, as the player is clearly taking advantage of something for undue advantage. As can be seen in our rules: https://regnumpristontale.com/rules/game/, rule six is truly clear about the abuse of bugs and others for their own benefit.

In new reports about PVP Honor Abuse with this kind of behavior, all players involved will have their PVP/Bellatra Honor removed and will be punished with 7 days of a temporary ban for this act. So, from now on all players are warned about the abuse of this bug.

rPT Staff


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