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Item Respecing is a special crafting system to change the spec and stats of an item. This can be done in certain ways via different processes. The different processes requires various items and amount of gold. 



The Items: There are 3 Base Stones in the art of respecing, and they are the following stones; Gyfu, Nied and Jera These 3 Stones can be used to 100% randomly respecing of an item by bringing 2 Stones and an item to Mixing Craftsman, Morald who is located in Ricarten Town. The item must be clean(not aged or mixed) in order to respec with the Base Stones. 



Spec Stones is a special crafting system same Item Respecing, but you just use one stone to respec item directly to spec.
Note: You just need to use 1 stone using Spec Stone!

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