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Darth Prog

Patch 2454

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Patch 2454:

  • Black Friday is here! 🎉
  • New Daily Quest: Forgotten Daily Quest!(Lv.130~140).
  • New Warehouse Quest: Pay a visit to Instructor Annie.
  • Ian NPC Quest has been moved near to Verkan Skill Master.
  • Now Wizard's Trance Skill no longer reduces Attack Rating.
  • Now Death Ray Skill gives 15% Attack Rating Boost at Level 10.
  • Now you can place Items on Personal Shop slot as you like instead using the automatic slot place.
  • Added New Teleport NPC at Garden of Freedom: Titor, The Time Traveller.
    • You can travel with him to Mystery Forest 1.
  • Now when you're "In Battle" at Broyale Fast, you can't get the dropped Potions from players.
  • Increased EXP of the following maps:
    • Lost Island.
    • Lost Temple.
    • Endless Tower 1F.
    • Endless Tower 2F.
    • Endless Tower 3F.
    • Death Island.
    • Ice Mine 1F.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters aren't appearing after some time at spawns.
  • Fixed a bug where Personal Shop items disappear when buy something.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Anti-hack Improvements.
  • Preparations for New Tier 5 Shaman & Assassin skills.


Manual Update: Click here!


Enjoy rPT! 😎

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