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Darth Prog

Patch 2452

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Patch 2452:

  • New Premiums added:
    • Vampire Teeth 24h.
    • Vampire Teeth 48h.
    • Vampire Teeth 72h.
    • Mana Aura 24h.
    • Mana Aura 48h.
    • Mana Aura 72h.
    • Mana Down 24h.
    • Mana Down 48h.
    • Mana Down 72h.
    • Stamina Down 24h.
    • Stamina Down 48h.
    • Stamina Down 72h.
  • Fixed a bug where Vague Evade is always active.
  • Fixed a bug where Automation Attack Speed was adding twice.
  • Fixed a bug where Weapon Skins wrong appear when login.


Manual Update:


Enjoy rPT! 😎

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