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Darth Prog

Patch 2450

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Patch 2450:

  • New Halloween Event!. 👻🎃
  • New Weapon Skin System. (See more info below) (Items can be obtained by Halloween Lanterns)😍🤩
  • Regnum Anniversary: 🎂🍰🎉🎈
    • Extra Fast Royale Time on Sunday: 01:00 04:00 10:00 13:00 16:00 22:00 Server Time.
    • Sunday GM Events: GMs will appear randomly to Host some Events. 👨‍✈️
  • New Share Password System where you can share a specific password and:
    • Disable Grabbing Equipment from Characters.
    • Disable Open Account Warehouse.
    • Disable Open Character Clan Management.
    • Disable Open Character Caravan Pet.
    • Disable Request and Receive Trade.
    • Disable Set up a Personal Shop.
    • Disable Buy Items from Personal Shop.
    • Disable Spend Account Credits in Item Shop.
    • Disable Trade Account Credits to Other Users.
    • Disable Open Item Distributor (Item Box).
    • Disable Send Messages on Trade Chat.
    • Disable Use of Event Girl NPC (Reset Status & Skills).
    • Disable Pickup & Drop Items.
    • Disable Buy and Sell Items in any NPC.
    • Disable Send Personal Messages (Whisper).
  • New User Panel and bug fixes:
    • When create a new account, will generate a random verification code.
    • When try to create a new account, it will fail if the email exists.
    • Fixed a bug where email change doesn't check if it's email is currently in use.
    • Fixed a bug where Characters with Custom Nicknames aren't kicked on User Panel.
  • Horde Event is ended.
  • New Halloween Hat.
  • Added One-handed weapons at Battle Royale.
  • Fast Royale is now only every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Now you can place your items as you like in Caravans.
  • Now players can get items on Fast Royale dropped by others players.
  • Ring of Spears cooldown is now about 23sec in all skill levels.
  • Rainmaker skill changed to work only with Phantoms.
  • Now Dancing Sword skill has +40% Damage Boost against monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where Area Skills was killing Monsters even it has to be alive.
  • Fixed a bug where game crashes while you are viewing yourself at Item Shop.
  • Fixed a bug where you get DC when dying in Battle Royale.
  • Fixed a bug where an item can disappear on Personal Shop.
  • Fixed a bug where TGF NPCs animations was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where Kronus Talon (122) Attack Power Min. was incorrect.
  • Refactored a lot of skills in the client.
  • Refactored Status system.
  • Refactored Weapon Status System.
  • Antihack Improvements.


Note about Weapon Skins:  To get the Weapon Skin item type you want, you must be actively wearing the item type you want.
For example, if you want a Halloween Shield skin, you must be wearing a shield.  If you want a two-handed Halloween Sword skin, you must be wearing a two-handed sword.
It does not matter which one you are wearing, just that you are.


Manual Update: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2450.zip


Enjoy rPT! 😎


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