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At Regnum World we made some modifications to the HUD system so that the game becomes more dynamic.
Here is a brief explanation of the changes:

  1. Where will be located the buffs that your character is active;
  2. Everyone with whom you are in Party will be the sample in that place;
  3. The Chat, so that you can communicate, sell, buy or even interact with people of your Clan, among others;
  4. This will show the name and HP of the monster or player when you slide the mouse over it;
  5. In this corner will show details of when you take a screenshot (using the command ctrl + home) in it will show the current version of the game, the name of the character, the date of the server and the current date of when the screenshot was taken;
  6. Place where you would show your premiere buffs, such as: exp pot and third eye;
  7. Place destined to conquests (soon more information);
  8. Time for the birth of the boss on the current map;
  9. Mini-Map, so you can locate yourself better.
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