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Important! Account verification changes!

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Since our last issue about account stealing from users that use the same password in other services, we've made some changes, and some of these protections will be coming soon to give more protection to our users.

So these changes will affect all users of Regnum World (don't worry, it's just for your protection), and we will take these steps:

  • Added a verification system reCaptcha (shown below).
  • Emails will become useful when verification is needed (you must change your account email if it's invalid since we will require it in the further for validation).
  • We're planning something about an extra autentication, but it's not implemented yet.
  • Soon we will bring the Share Password system into the game.

Q: So what I need to do about my email?

A: Nothing if it's a valid email, but if not, you must change it as fast as possible since in the next updates we will require it to do changes and verify your account using your email account.

Now when you log in to the user panel, you need to verify that you aren't using a bot, macro or a Robot (as google said😅).

Sometimes, reCaptcha will ask you to click on the images (a challenge), to verify if it's not a robot.



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According to the post above, we will start doing some changes in the next days, including extra verification as mentioned.

Please, keep up to date your accounts to be more easy and safe access to it.

rPT Team ^_^.

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