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Fury Spirit Event

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  • Initial date: 09/28/2019
  • Final date: 10/04/2019

Event Monsters

  • Green Fury Spirit 
  • Red Fury Spirit
  • Blue Fury Spirit


How does this event work?


Just go to the following maps:

  • Endless Tower 1F
  • Endless Tower 2F
  • Endless Tower 3F

As soon as you get to the map you have to wait until Boss spawns, after he spawn you must kill him to be able to participate in the Roll Dice.

These bosses can drop items up to level 118, Sheltoms and also special runes.

  • 7b930e8fa8.bmp Green Crystal Rune
  • 3e044eca81.bmp Red Crystal Rune
  • 08ffcc2192.bmp Blue Crystal Rune

NOTE: These runes have a duration time: 30 days.


What is the Boss Time?

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