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Patch 2431

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Patch 2431:

  • New Map: Ancient Dungeon 3 (120). ?
  • New Map: Forgotten Temple 1 (130). ?
  • Ancient Dungeon 2 level changed to 115.
  • Swap changes:
    • Swap for items lv.118 released!.
    • Swap prices has been changed.
  • Broyale Rules added to the Battle Royale window!. ?
  • Now Broyale winner will receive 20bil EXP (20,000,000,000) with prizes. ?
  • Broyale and The Grand Fury prizes changes.
  • New Daily Quests: ed7af6a1e4.png
    • The Ancient Evil Magician (Mokovian Quest).
    • The Mine Commander (Tulla Quest).
  • New Solo and Party Quests for Ice Mine 1F (at Ice Mine 1F entrance). ed7af6a1e4.png
  • Death Island and Endless Tower 3F Quests party EXP increased.
  • New Quest RSP Points: Hunting The Iron Guardian (107).
  • Quest monsters count decreased:
    • Endless Tower 1F.
    • Endless Tower 2F.
    • Endless Tower 3F.
    • Death Island.
  • Daily Quests (Area Quests) EXP and monsters changed.
  • Items Lv.102 added to the new Blacksmith Ozi at Battle Town. ?
  • Surprise! ? Agloolik, The Ice Messenger will keep at Ricarten Town one more week! ?.
  • Diastrophism damage and skill description changed.
  • Wizard Trance skill requirement changed to Orbs.
  • Flame Wave damage and cooldown changed.
  • Fixed bug where monster timers such as pets were incorrect.
  • Fixed bug where Bless Castle NPCs keep hidden after Siege War.
  • Preparations for new Broyale. ?
  • Preparations for new quests.


MANUAL UPDATE: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2431.zip


Enjoy rPT! ?

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