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Darth Prog

Patch 2430

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Patch 2430:

  • New Level Cap 140!.
  • New Map Ice Mine 1F (132) released!.
  • New Items Lv.122 released!.
  • New Tulla Amulet Craft.
  • Devil Shy Ring Craft.
  • New Battle Royale Mode: Fast Royale! (Coming next patch!)
    • Monday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM.
    • Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM.
    • Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM.
    • In this mode, you need to equip on Drop time (5 minutes), after that you will be teleported randomly on the map to fight each other.
  • Now if you die on Battle Royale, your items will be dropped and available to everyone.
  • New log system on Battle Royale (Server-side).
  • Pay a visit to Agloolik, The Ice Messenger at Ricarten Town! he has some items for you! ?
  • New Soul Crystal: you can trap a monster by killing him in the lasts 30 seconds after summoning a Soul Crystal, and you will receive another Soul Crystal with that trapped monster.
    • It doesn't work on Bosses.
    • It doesn't work on Event Monsters.
    • It doesn't work on Arenas.
  • New Health Stats Battle Royale handicap limited to 150 (above it will not count on your stats while inside the Broyale!).
  • New Set Effect Boss #2: Shy Ring, Fury Sheltom and Tulla Amulet.
  • New Mixes:
    • Bellum Defense Mix.
    • Bellum Block Mix.
    • Bellum Velocity Mix.
    • Bellum Power Mix.
    • Bellum Critical Mix.
    • Bellum Rating Mix.
    • Bellum Vitality Mix.
  • Yurina NPC level limit changed to 120.
  • Now Yurina NPC gives:
    • EXP Potion 3h.
    • Vampire Teeth 3h.
    • MP Down 3h.
    • STM Down 3h.
    • Sheep Hat 3h.
    • HP Booster 3h.
    • MP Booster 3h.
    • STM Booster 3h.
  • Fixed bug where T5 Skills isn't ending when in cities.
  • Changes on Endless Tower 1F and Endless Tower 2F.

Enjoy rPT! ?

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