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Darth Prog

Patch 2423

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Patch 2423:

  • SoD is online!
  • Added Lv.118 Ring on Perfectize.
  • Fixed a bug where the character isn't saving before entering Battle Royale.
  • Fixed bug where disconnecting custom names on User Panel isn't working correctly.
  • Changes on Endless Tower 3F Monsters.
  • Skills Changes:
    • Haunt: Fixed bug where the skill is affected by Resistance.
    • Diastrophism: Increased Damage Boost to 44% on Lv.10.
    • Meteorite: Fixed bug where Damage isn't working correctly.
    • Sword Blast: Fixed bug where Area isn't Linear.
    • Brandish: Increased Area and Damage Boost.
    • Sword of Justice: Decreased MP & STM.
    • Berserker: Increased Damage and Absorption penalty decreased.

Enjoy rPT! ?

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