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Patch 2416

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Patch 2416:

  • SoD is open!
  • Added Superb Potions.
  • Now Scratch gives +30% Damage Boost against monsters.
  • Added Death Island on Teleport Core.
  • Changes on Quests:
    • Lost Island.
    • Lost Temple.
    • Endless Tower 1F.
    • Endless Tower 2F.
    • Endless Tower 3F.
    • Death Island.
  • Increased Drops on Death Island monsters.
  • Preparations for T5 Skills.
  • Item Shop Discount & Extra Coins on Donation:
    • Thursday, 27th June.
    • Friday, 28th June.
    • Saturday, 29th June.
    • Sunday, 30th June.



Manual Update: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2416.zip


Enjoy rPT! ?

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