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Patch 2407

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Patch 2407:

  • Battle Royale Test Event: 30th May, Thursday 11:00PM (23:00h) Server time.
  • New Horde Event: Mechanic:
    • Lost Island.
    • Lost Temple.
    • Endless Tower 1F.
    • Endless Tower 2F.
    • Endless Tower 3F.
    • Death Island.
  • Increased EXP on Ghost Castle monsters.
  • Fixed size of Ghost Castle monsters.
  • Now you can kick your character by clicking the Green Online button on User Panel. a8018673a3.png
  • Battle Royale updates and bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where you can't get items on the floor.
    • Fixed a bug where Battle Royale teleports you out from the arena.
    • Fixed a bug where you can dupe or lose some items.
    • Added Text information on top of the screen:
      • Waiting for players... (00:xx) (time left to start).
      • In Battle (battle time).
    • Added a new Handicap system for magic classes on Battle Royale.
    • Increased teleport time after player death.
    • Increased teleport time after win the battle.
    • Increased chance for meteorites in the battle.
    • Now if has more than one player in the final, after 1 minute the server will kill the players randomly till only stay the last one.
  • Survive or Die (SoD) changes:
    • Refactored SoD system in the server.
    • SoD level changed: 105~135.
    • Added new SoD for low level players: 30~105 (Soon) (NPCs are located at Ricarten Town near Good Boy, Longbo NPC).
    • Preparations for changes in the client.
    • Fixed a bug where Bosses not spawn.
    • New Ranking with Seals. (Soon)
    • Preparations for client visual updates.
  • Fixed a bug where Fighter Broyale Costume not working.
  • Fixed a bug where Soul Sucker absorbs HP from bosses.
  • Rewritten place item code.
  • Now you can trade or sell Broyale Costume.
  • Preparations for a new update.

Enjoy rPT! ?

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