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Easter Event and Easter Daily Quests

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Easter Event

How does the event work?

We know that Easter is very special for many people, even for us of Regnum World, so we have decided to bring this joy to our players and now, all maps will spawn the Easter Monsters, but be careful, these monsters may seem harmless, they arent. If you defeat one of these monsters, it can drop Easter eggs.

After getting 3 of these eggs go to Ricarten Town and talk to Master Valdo, he will exchange the eggs for you and will give you a good reward. Be careful, he carries a huge sword and if he gets angry, he can use it against you.


Quests: Easter Bunnies


Quest Easter Bunnies 1 to 100


  • Kill: 10 Normal Rabies

  • Maps: Oasis, Forgotten Land, Forbbiden Land and Battlefield of the Ancients


  • 2.500.000.000 (2.5 Bil) EXP

Quest Easter Bunnies 100 to 115


  • Kill: 15 Strong Rabies

  • Maps: Lost Island, Lost Temple and Endless Tower 1F


  • (6 Bil) EXP

Quest Easter Bunnies 115 to 135


  • Kill: 20 King Rabies

  • Maps: Endless Tower 2F and Death Island


  • (10 Bil) EXP


  • Go to Latika, Daily Quest located in Ricarten Town

    after finding it, select the Quest according to your level.
  • quest_event_easter_latika.pngquest_event_easter.png

  • After you killed the amount of monsters from you quest, get back to Latika, Daily Quest's, to finish your quest and receive your reward.

All Rabies quest monsters have a chance to drop the following items:

  • Aging Stone
  • Caravan Rabie
  • Caravan Tobie
  • Sheltoms from Celesto to Oredo
  • Forces from Celesto to Oredo
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