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Patch 2394

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Patch 2394:

  • Preparations for the next update.
  • Endless Tower 2F level changed to 115.
  • Endless Tower 3F level changed to 120.
  • Now Soul Sucker and Haunt aren't affected by Organic and Soul Sucker decreased to 20% at Lv.10.
  • Death Ray bug fixes.
  • Divine Piercing Damage bug fixes.
  • Evasion Mastery decreased to 20% at Lv.10.
  • Cyclone Strike increased to 65% Damage boost and Max hits to 25 at Lv.10.
  • Boost Health HP increased to 150 at Lv.10.
  • Godly Shield Absorption Boost increased to 120% at Lv.10.
  • Extreme Shield Boost increased to 30% at Lv.10.
  • Metal Armor Defense Rating increased to 45% at Lv.10.
  • Spark Shield Damage increased to 80% at Lv.10.
  • Spark increased to 60% at Lv.10.
  • Now Summon Muspell no longer decrease Virtual Life's HP and Absorption Reduction against Undead increased to 40% at Lv.10.
  • Scratch increased to 110% at Lv.10.
  • Advent Migal Damage increased to 120 at Lv.10.
  • Now all Summon Skill Pets have 28,000 HP at Lv.10.


MANUAL UPDATE: https://user.regnumpristontale.com/updtpt/2394.zip


Enjoy rPT! ^^


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