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Rules and conduct for EXP services

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Hello everyone from the Regnum World community,

As many of you know, some players don’t have much time available to play their characters, so they choose to buy this service from other players (better known as EXP Service).

But until today (04/03/2019) there was no regulation for this type of service, which ended up causing doubts as to the purchase of this service: Is this player reliable? Is he not going to steal my char? After I pay this player will really EXP my character?

Thinking about it, we, members of the Regnum Team, decided to create rules to solve all these doubts and also to make the method of EXP Service safer for both the buyer and the seller.

  • Do you want to sell this type of service and become an Exp Agent?

See the rules and find out how to become an Exp Agent in this link: How to apply to be an EXP Agent & EXP Agent Rules

  • Do you want to know how to buy or sell this service?

Find out how to at this link: How to buy and sell EXP Service?

Note: all services from today's date that are not posted on the Exp Service forum will not be supported in case of theft.

Link to the new board: https://regnumpristontale.com/forums/forum/58-exp-service/

Enjoy rPT.

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