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    Battle Royale is a Regnum World game mode, which only one will be the winner. In this, the player's goal is to be the last survivor among other players, who spawn in random locations on the map without any item, that need to go on the map looking for weapons, potions and other attack and defense items.
    As the game progresses, the "safe zone" of the map decreases (poison), which causes the players to find each other and consequently fighting for their permanence in the arena. At the end of the event, the winner of the match has a chance to redeem an item, which may be a special or rare (exclusive) item.


    When will the Battle Royale open?

    • Saturday at 11:00 AM (server time).
    • Saturday at 11:00 PM (server time).
    • Sunday at 11:00 AM (server time).
    • Sunday at 11:00 PM (server time).


    How to participate?
    The Battle Royale arena will be available for entry shortly before the event starts, and will be announced on Global Chat when it is open for players to enter. To participate, go to the NPC Aberforth Dumbledore at Ricarten Town. When clicking on the NPC, select the available option of game mode (Old Ruinen 2) and you will teleport to the event map.


    Note that when entering the arena, your character will not be using any item: only power ups, premium items, and active force orb will be available and active in the character. Battle Royale begins when the arena has 100 participants or 5 minutes after opening.
    When the event starts, there will be several ground items around the map at random locations (HP / MP / SP attack, defense, accessories, and potions). One of the objectives is to have the best items (better as possible) to increase the chances of victory if you have to face other players in the arena and consequently increase the possibility of survival. Remember that even other players not equipped (without any items) can still kill another one.

    Important notes:

    • All items within Battle Royale don't have requirements for use.
    • All items obtained in the event will have aging and spec random.
    • It's recommended to use a Force Orb before entering the arena, as it isn't possible to access your items within Battle Royale mode.
    • Inside the arena, all characters have their names and clans hidden, and it isn't possible to party or raid.
    • Items obtained within the Battle Royale are removed as soon as your character is dead or leaves the arena.

    During the event, in addition to being concerned with getting items for the character and with other players, you must pay attention to the "safe zone" of the map. The safe zone is the area in which the character is away from the blue poison, which loses HP quickly. At every moment, the safe zone decreases, being essential that the player is as close as possible to the center of the safe area.
    On the minimap, during the match, it's possible to check when the safe zone is decreasing because there is a white / blue color flag indicating that the poison is approaching.


    The poison takes about 15 minutes to close completely over the entire arena. If there are more than two players remaining until the end of the time, both must fight for the prize, as the Battle Royale has only one winner.


    Level: 100 ~ 140.


    Reward for the winner:

    • EXP Potion 24h.
    • Third Eye 24h.
    • Sapphire Stone.
    • Gravity Stone.
    • Valento Ring.
    • Kelvezu Amulet.
    • Dark Guardian Shelton.
    • Fury Shelton.
    • Mokovian Boots.
    • Oredo.
    • Bellum.
    • Light Purple Rune.
    • Broyale Costume (male).
    • Broyale Costume (female)


    broyale_male.png broyale_female.png


    Reward for others:

    • Duration within the arena from 0 to 5 minutes: 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) EXP
    • Duration within the arena of 5 to 10 minutes: 15,000,000,000 (15 billion) EXP
    • Duration within the arena of 10 to 15 minutes: 20,000,000,000 (20 billion) EXP




    • If you disconnect Server (DC) or leave the arena will not receive reward.
    • It is only possible to withdraw the reward after the event is over.




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