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  3. Thor

    Patch 2721

    Patch 2721: New Skins: Shadow Axe. Shard Axe. Bloody Claw. Cribal Staff. Frost Scythe. Golden Sickle. Viper Bow Silver Blade Predator Oblique Javelin Note: These skins are available at Coin Shop only! Fixed Roll Dice of Mini King Pelgia Fixed HP points of Mini Volcanos Added boss Mini Igniculus in Death Island Fixed Argonian and Mokovian quests not working with Mini Boss event Manual Update: Click here! Enjoy r
  4. Hi, 01/09 - Today, 15:00 server time, unexpected maintenance. Duration: ~30 Minutes. Enjoy rPT!
  5. Thor

    Exp Event!

    For level 1-140 players: 2x EXP event!
  6. Thor

    Mini Boss Event

    Mini Boss Event How does this event work? The main bosses of some maps are now Mini-Bosses! What's different about these bosses? The defense of these bosses has been decreased and also the bosses who drop rune items now have a chance to drop the item crafted, with no need to craft the item from the beginning. Example: Mini Tulla, besides the chance to drop the Rune, it also has a chance to drop the Tulla Amulet item. Another detail of the event: In addition to the differences mentioned above, now the Mini King Pelgia will be born on the Road to the Wind map w
  7. Patch 2720: Christmas Event is OFF! New Skins: Perum Axe. Perum Claw. Perum Dagger. Perum Hammer. Perum Staff. Perum Phantom. Perum Scythe. Perum Bow. Perum Sword. Perum Javelin. Perum Male Costume. Perum Female Costume. Chaos Shield. Dark Shield. Note: These skins are available at Coin Shop only! For level 1-140 players: 1.75x EXP event! For level 1-150 players: 30% EXP event! Mini boss
  8. Hi, Planned maintenance, Thursday 01/07/2021 - 18:30h (Server Time) Duration: 8 ~10 hours Enjoy rPT
  9. Thor

    Extra Drop Event!

    Hello Warriors To celebrate the new year that will begin: we will have an Extra Drop Event! Come and participate. The event will be active from 12/31/2020 until 1/4/2021. Happy New Year
  10. Hi, 12/30 - Today, 14:20 server time, unexpected maintenance. Duration: ~5 Minutes. Enjoy rPT!
  11. Thor

    Super Power Event!

    30% more power
  12. -5%
  13. Thor

    Patch 2717

    Patch 2717: Added item price to Perfectize Item on level 134 items. The price of Perfectize Item on level 130 items has been reduced. The price of Swap Item on level 130 items has been reduced. Fixed bug with Steel Axe being dropped on the Cursed Desert map. The mount 'Secret Unicorn' had its appearance updated. Manual Update: Click here! Enjoy rPT! 😎
  14. Hi, Planned maintenance, Saturday 12/26 - 18:30h (Server Time) Duration: 1 hours Enjoy rPT
  15. Patch 2715: New Map: Cursed Desert (142). You must go to Battle Town, then swim to Cursed Desert. New Items Lv. 134. New Item System: Earrings. The following maps have had their level changed: Death Island (125). Ice Mine 1F (130). Secret Laboratory (134). Ancient Weapon (138). Few bug fixes on Swim System. Manual Update: Click here! Enjoy rPT! 😎
  16. Hi, Planned maintenance, Tuesday 12/22 - 18:30h (Server Time) Duration: 8 hours bugs fix. Enjoy rPT!
  17. Thor

    Extra Drop Event!

    +1 Extra drop!
  18. Wanted Moriph Event!
  19. Wanted Moriph Event!
  20. Thor

    Christmas Event

  21. Items that can be obtained from Rudolph Gifts Image Description Gold (5,000,000 gp) Phoenix Egg Ripe Stone Aging Stone Copper Ore EXP Potion 1H Third Eye 1H EXP Potion 3H Third Eye 3H
  22. Part III - Xmas Trees & Rudolph Gifts 1) Xmas Trees This part of the event is all about giving and receiving gifts... good gifts! Go to the NPC Xmas Tree Holder, Longbo - he will be selling for a symbolic price of 60,500 gold two different tree types: Snowy Xmas Tree and Colorful Xmas Tree . Both trees receive gifts and work the same way, the main difference is the skin (one is snowy and other isn't, hehe). After obtaining your tree, it will be placed in your character inventory. To plant it, choose any location in the town you want (it may be Ricarten or Pillai, you c
  23. Part II - Xmas Daily Quests The event quests (Lord Santa Goblin and Lord Santa Skeleton) are available in Ricarten Town, on NPC Olaf, The Snowman! In this link below you can find the guide for these quests: https://regnumpristontale.com/quest_event/lordsantquest/
  24. Patch 2714: A Tale of Gifts - Christmas event is active! 🎄 New Christmas Quests. New Mounts: Blitzen. Snowdeer. Zira. Ice Tiger. Iron Charger. Mecaballus. Rudolf. Gallant. New Exclusive Swim System: Now you can swim in some water places. 🤽🏽‍♂️ Perhaps there are some unexpected bugs, this system is still in beta. Fixed a bug where Death Screen isn't working while riding a mount. Fixed visual bugs on Lions Mounts. Preparations for the new m
  25. Part I - Xmas Item Crafting The Regnum continent was invaded by Santa Monsters. You, brave warrior, must defeat these monsters to obtain the items needed to craft a Christmas Item. There are three Santa Monsters: Santa Skeleton, Santa Goblin, and Snowman - this last with some "secrets" (if you know what I mean). There's a chance to Santa Monsters drop event items and also a chance to drop items from the map where it has been spawned - so don't be sad if Santa Evil did not drop the desirable item - they can drop some special items (or not). Event items, as well as the recipe for manufacturi
  26. Part I - Xmas Item Crafting | Part II - Xmas Daily Quests | Part III - Xmas Trees & Rudolph Gifts Aeons ago, when the old gods walked the Earth, Awell the goddess of benevolence thought about giving a present to her God, Tempritos in order to commemorate the first year of the creation of their world. However, what do you give to someone who has everything? She thought herself... Days later, unknowingly out of the snow that covered the realm 2 beings were created and she named them Rudolph and Olaf. The Goddess asked: Awell: “Rudolph what would you give someone wh
  27. Hi, Planned maintenance, Tuesday 12/15 - 18:30h (Server Time) Duration: 6 hours Enjoy rPT
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