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Mini Boss Event


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Mini Boss Event

How does this event work?

The main bosses of some maps are now Mini-Bosses!

What's different about these bosses?

The defense of these bosses has been decreased and also the bosses who drop rune items now have a chance to drop the item crafted, with no need to craft the item from the beginning.

Example: Mini Tulla, besides the chance to drop the Rune, it also has a chance to drop the Tulla Amulet item.

Another detail of the event:

In addition to the differences mentioned above, now the Mini Hagios will be born on the Cursed Temple 3F map with the following Boss Time:

Mini Hagios have the chance to drop the following items:

  • Throne Red Rune
  • Throne Yellow Rune
  • Throne Green Rune
  • Light Blue Rune
  • Light Purple Rune
  • Light Red Rune
  • Dark Red Rune
  • Light Orange Rune
  • Light Silver Rune
  • Fury Sheltom
  • Gorgonyte Earring

What is the Boss Time?

Special Daily Quest

The unknown plan of Hagios Daily Q.

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