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Lava Horde Event


Community Calendar

Event details




  • Initial date: 04/21/2021
  • Final date: 05/04/2021

Event Monsters

  • Lava Golem
  • Lava Giant
  • Lava Armor
  • Lava Archer
  • Insec

Special Event Monsters

  • Kid Flamo


Monster Improvements

  • Increased EXP on Event monsters.
  • Increased Drop Rate on Event monsters.
  • Decreased Damage on Event monsters.
  • Decreased Defense on Event monsters.

Map List

  • Cursed Desert (142)
  • Ancient Weapon (138)
  • Secret Laboratory (134)
  • Ice Mine (130)
  • Death Island (125)
  • Endless Tower 3F (120)


NOTE: Event Monster spawn time:

  • Cursed Desert: 0h, 1h, 3h, 4h, 6h, 7h, 9h, 10h, 12h, 13h, 15h, 16h, 18h, 19h, 21h and 22h
  • Endlress Tower 3F to Ancient Weapon: Every time (non-stop horde).
  • Kid Flamo on Curserd Desert: Every time.

Special Boss Monsters Event



What is the Boss Time?

Special Daily Quest

The hunt of Flamo's Descendants and Flamo the dominator



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