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Regnum Development Plan


Regnum Development Plan


Find out what's coming up to Regnum here!


Only major projects are listed below, otherwise it would be way too big if we included all the other improvements we continuously add to the game. You can read the Patch Notes whenever a new patch is released in the Changelogs board


Task Status Description
Project: Back to the Origins Developing Remember what it was like in the past! Changes in skills and game formulas.
Time shop Released Stay safe, online and earn time points that can be redeemed for good rewards!
New Action Field Map Released Such as Ghost castle, but a slightly different approach, Tropical Island is coming! 😃
Engine Upgrade Released Play more smoothly! With this update, we can bring more news and players can handle it without losing FPS or lowering the graphics!
Battle Royale Rework Released A rework on Battle Royale
New Battle Royale Mode Released Battle Royale Team Mode reach!
Mount System Developing I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road, I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more. 🎵
New SoD beginner Released A new way for new players to have fun while earning the gold they needed!
Earrings Released ...
Tier 5 Skill Planning Who's next?
Account Talisman Planning A safe way to account selling/buying/trading with minimal risk for scamming.
Clan System Planning TBA
Quest Book Planning TBA


Last Updated: 23 Dec 2020


Check back every week for an updated list!


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